October 31, 2009

Weekend Wishlist

This weekend it would be nice to:

- Sew more of these new little purses you see in the picture above (1st one got done yesterday and the result made me really happy!)
- Get them photographed
- Watch a DVD I have had in my mind for long
- Rake dropped leaves in the garden

How about your wishes, do you have any?

ps. Did you see Karuski 'Then & Now' article at ScoutieGirl? Thanks Judit and Tara for having me there!

ps.2 All my clutches currently sale in my Etsy shop get -20% off. Until further notice!


Kreativlink said...

Sounds like a good plan for a nice Weekend! :D
I simply hope to get some free time.

fleurfatale said...

ooh, love that pouch, (well in my fav color and it's linen, I guess, yummie!

not really plans here, just hope to sleep well this night, because I have to catch up a lot of sleep,

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