March 29, 2010

Monday Moodboard

bag by karmologyclinic
gypsy earrings by sabikrabi
peony by jkphotography
necklace by momochas

Today was a very foggy day in Southern Finland and I really loved it. This probably made me search for some dreamy picks for my moodboard. Although the earrings alone by SabiKrabi are gorgeous I very much like the way they are photographed too.

Plans for this week?
I'm afraid I now need to put all my energy on book keeping and taxes. There's not much time left until these must be done. It is very stressful and I so wish I still had my accountant to do this for me. Just have to think positive and hope this will teach me something valuable and make me stronger.

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March 28, 2010

Sunday & Birthday Celebration

Today we spent a day at H's sister's home. She had organized a birthday party for their Mom who turns 70 right next week. The closest ones (children and their spouses/girl and boy friends + grand children) were there. We had a lunch, coffee and cakes and as many of their family members are musical talents we heard some singing performances. Kids also jammed with quitars and bass, it was fun!

Here are our little surprise gifts we brought along. It was Palm Sunday today.

A basket was full of cookies we baked last night.

I embellished a chocolate Easter egg for a girl who loves cats.

H draw a skull and a dino for little guys. They were a success!

It was a nice afternoon with good homemade food and warm atmosphere. Next weekend is the Easter here. Looking forward to taking a couple of days off and relax a bit. Maybe we'll bake more of those cookies for ourselves, they turned out fine. As they are filled with an orange flavored cream cheese they fit the Easter season just perfectly. I'm calling them Easter cookies now.

I hope you had a great weekend too!

March 25, 2010

My Creative Space

Today I embellished some of my bigger jewelry boxes with butterfly die cuts I had punched from department store's catalogue. What a happy thing Stockmann's catalogue had the same romantic color scheme I've been after for the spring season!

There's a fair coming up in a month so I decided to start with preparations a head of time. There's always so much to do but this year I try my best not to find myself panicking in the last minute.

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March 22, 2010

Monday Moodboard

bicycle inner tube necklace by palepink
upcycled mobile by babongohome
embroidered pillowcase by lapomme
owl keyring by yourdoll

Even though we just got another snow fall here in Southern Finland I picked rather spring spirited items to fit my Monday Moodboard. They are all eco-friendly and made from recycled sources. As I use mainly repurposed materials myself I can never emphasise enough the importance of reducing, renewing and recycling.

This will be Euro Week on Etsy! Lots of Euro features have been promised along the week: Europe related front pages, featured seller interviews (can't wait to see who is the next one!) and much more. I need to have my shop filled a bit more very soon as well.

These purses in the pictures below are soon available at Beloved, a sweet little Finnish online shoppe right here. Beloved offers modern, ecological craft with a vintage twist. I'm already in love!

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March 18, 2010

My Creative Space

These little clutches got already packed today and are soon on their way to a small shop in Turku. I just wanted to document them by taking pictures as I'm pretty happy about how they turned out. This time I decided to add a pleated trim a bit differently on a few pieces, how do you like them? Now that I look at them the curved trim reminds me of a hem of a dress or a skirt and definitely adds some extra girlyness on clutches so it might be a good thing in my case.

Now I have a small earring order waiting for being accomplished. Then there's time for my own stuff again. Right on time for the EuroWeek on Etsy.

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March 15, 2010

Monday Moodboard

grapefruit and coconut soap by ultimateorganicsoap
earrings by huismus
fabric button ring by creamrose
notebook by mamutopia

This week started with sunshine, it must be a promise of something good.
My moodboard is also filled with sunny yellows and bits of bright colors, I hope you enjoy them!

Last weekend I got to see a bunch of French animations at a short film festival. It was a sweet little weekend getaway and I got to meet an old friend and fellow student from my textile design class. I dropped off my 'sun shades' for the group exhibition which opens this Thursday in Tampere. As a nice surprise the exhibition venue ordered a small batch of shopping bags to offer their customers so I'll be now sewing them from recycled cotton fabrics to fit the exhibition theme of course.

Besides these shopping bags I'll be sewing my little clutches for Joutomaa shop in Turku. Hopefully a few pieces for my own shop too. Have a great week everyone!

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ps. I will publish the renewed site of mine later tonight!

March 11, 2010

My Creative Space

I'm feeling a bit overloaded with all updating stuff here on web right now. I have been forced to neglect some socializing on web so that I could stay focused with my main project this week: updating my site. Everything will be ready by next Monday, that's for sure. It's just pretty overwhelming how much work this requires twice a year. But I'm excited about this update too!

Getting this new look ready probably helps further designing my own webshop for local buyers. Now that Etsy has promised to introduce the currency convertor (maybe sometime this year), I could just stay happily with my Etsy shop. But, it wont change the fact some of my local customers prefer reading the site terms of service & shop policies in their native language. They are also happy when the payment process goes smoothly the way they are used to. PayPal is not widely known over here and credit card payments can be a big no-no to some. To tell the truth I'm not so content as a seller having PayPal as the first option for transactions either.

Now, back to work again!
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March 08, 2010

Monday Moodboard

sea glass necklace by astash
mimi bag by starbags
room shoes by lalashoes
soap sack and wash cloth by verityunmondoaparte

Good Monday to everyone!
Did you have a nice weekend? I do hope so. I managed to test the new interfacing fabric, sew linen pouches for the upcoming group exhibition and finished a couple of new clutches for my shop (pictures still need to be taken).

We booked tickets for Tampere Film Festival which presents a wide variety of films next weekend. We'll get to see a series of French animations from 1938 till today. With the same visit I'll drop my work to the exhibition venue. I hope to meet a friend living in town too.

Before the fun weekend there's so much to do. I might not be able to blog much again but keep in touch with me on Twitter, I'll pop in during my breaks every day. See you around!

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March 05, 2010

Weekend Wishlist

I haven't been posting anything on my blog since last Sunday. It is because I've been working on a couple of custom orders + photographing new work. Also I've used plenty of time hunting for some supplies. Seems that some essential supplies like interfacing fabric is really hard to find unless you want to walk to the fabric store counter. Of course when having a business, no matter how small it is, you prefer buying in bulk if it's something you need to complete your orders on a regular basis. I already use so much extra time working on recycled fabrics I cannot afford buying some other supplies in retail prices. There must be a balance in everything you do. I used to buy from a local supplier but unfortunately they have recently shut down their business. Now I finally managed to find an agent that imports this particular interfacing fabric I need and I even got the samples in mail today, yay!

So about my weekend plans:

- testing the interfacing fabric
- checking my supply inventory, I need to stock more zippers soon
- designing the spring look for my site, update is much needed
- getting ready for a group exhibition with a recycling theme (these 'umbrellas' with doilies below will be displayed 19.3.- 11.4. in Verkaranta, Tampere)
- making linen pouches for Verkaranta exhibition, these will be available for purchase in their shop (kind of extra display by the main event)

Do you have something particular on your table right now?
I think I might need a holiday next week.
Happy weekend to you!
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