April 30, 2010

Give-away news!

Hi everyone!
I haven't been blogging since Monday. It's because I've been ill all week, I got a nasty flu right after I got back home from craft shows. Yes, that's right but it is getting better now.

I received a postal delivery note to my mailbox on Tuesday and went to PO the next day. There was a little envelope sent from Argentina for me.

Look at the cute stamp it had on the top!

There were sweet round hoop earrings inside the package. Made by Miss Bird.

I simply cannot stop smiling when I see that little girl with a bird!

Maria of Miss Bird is an Argentinean crafter with a line of pretty jewelry and accessories. I won this lovely pair from a give-away which was drawn at ESEtsy's blog in April. What a great way to make friends with a fellow Etsian who lives on the other side of the globe. I'm surely feeling enlightened now. Gracias Maria!

Oh, and if you wish to win a Karuski purse, here's your chance. Thanks to generous Nicole I've been on a spotlight at Lillyella this week. Leave your feedback by Sunday 2nd May as that's the day when the give-away ends. Thanks & good luck!

April 27, 2010

From My Craft Show

Last night I looked through photos I got from the craft show. Here are a few from Kierrätystehdas I took on Saturday morning right before the opening. We had one big table, a rack for Eva's clothing and an extra mini table to put on my side of the booth (constructed of my two storing boxes and covered with a table clotch). Everything seemed to work fine and our lines completed each other nicely. I hope you can get some inspiration and ideas for yours if you will attending a craft show of any kind in a future.

Eva behind our table

Karuski clutches and jewelry

Karuski's vintage stud earrings on butterfly tags

Greeting card sets on a book holder

Fruntimmer clothing

Fruntimmer shoe clips and hair adornments in their gift boxes

You can see more pictures from the event here. According to the event's organizer there were at least 7500 visitors during the weekend. It makes me happy to know so many people are interested in recycling, eco-friendly ideas and products. I can't wait to participate next year again!

April 26, 2010

Monday Moodboard

flower necklace by fleurfatale
hobo bag by bysweetmom
shoulder bag by starbags
bloom necklace by vadjutka

It's Monday Moodboard time again!
Today I matched two gorgeous bags with sweet necklaces. Do you prefer burgundy/wine tones or light blooms? The great thing is all these picks are made from repurposed materials - Yay for recycling!

My weekend was busy as I spent it at craft fairs in Helsinki. Everything went well, there were lots of visitors around, sales were nice too. Thanks everyone who came to say hello to me and Eva, we really enjoyed meeting you all. I will check my pictures and post a few here on my blog, hopefully tomorrow Tuesday. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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April 20, 2010

Craft Fair Preps II

Craft fair preparations are still going on here!
It is a little bit of a challenge as Friday evening will be much different than the rest of the weekend. On Friday afternoon I'll be putting the booth together for Saturday & Sunday fair. After that I'll hurry to another venue to attend a three hours designmarket. I don't need to bring all that much there but it requires some proper organizing (not my strongest point, mind you).

So on Friday evening I'll be by myself while on Saturday & Sunday I'll share a bigger booth with Eva of Fruntimmer. We've been changing thoughts and planned our booth setup by emailing a lot lately. Below are a few more solutions for the weekend.

Earrings on a vintage photoframe

Necklaces and bracelets displayed similarly.
We plan to add quite a few of these on the booth's background wall.

A chalkboard sign for the background wall as well.
I fixed this one from an old Ikea mirror.

It is quite large: chalkboard part measures 220 x 20 cm.
Maybe white text would look better on black?

Still some things to do so I'm back work now. I'll talk to you soon again!

April 19, 2010

Monday Moodboard & Craft Fair Preps

tulip by jkphotography
earrings by mgmart
earrings by zsbcreations
earrings by glamasaurus

I hope Monday is treating you well. Here is a soft landing to a fresh new week: flowers in sweet pastels. Tulip photograph is accompanied by lovely bloom earrings made by EuropeanStreetTeam members on Etsy.

Below are just a few photos I took yesterday. I was planning my booth setup and appearance for this weekend's craft events. There are two fairs I'll be attending. On Friday evening a mini design market at Korjaamo. On Saturday and Sunday Kierrätystehdas at Kaapelitehdas. If you are in Helsinki, please stop by and have a chat!

I'm currently fixing a large sign for Kierrätystehdas fair. I will take pictures between working and post them on my blog along the week. See you soon!

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April 14, 2010

My Creative Space

As many of you know I'm in the middle of craft fair preparations. There's so much to do that some days I don't know where to start! Luckily I can take some of my Etsy inventory to the fair, it makes it a bit easier. I don't need to make the whole load of new purses but can concentrate on other things. Such as making greeting card sets to accompany my other items. These envelopes you see above are part of bigger lot I made of interior magazines. I even added hand stamped stickers to close the envelope. Cuteness! This was a fun idea, not probably the most profitable project ever but once in a while I definitely need this creative craziness.

I'm going to make a big bunch of stud earrings for the fair. Of course they will need some packing material too. That's how I came up with these small kraft paper pouches. I had a pile of big paper bags so I cut one in four equally sized pieces and sew their open seams with my sewing machine. Now I have about 80 pieces ready, that is surely more than enough!

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April 12, 2010

Monday Moodboard

girl's dress by kajadesign
flower pompoms by alatsupplies
aceo by annarubyking
necklace by loveanddream

Today I can see blue skies, what a delightful way to start a new week. So I would say my mood is light as my picks on my moodboard. All of these are found on Etsy's handmade category by using keywords 'europeanstreetteam' and 'recycled'. I hope you like them too.

The weekend passed by so quickly. I decided not to work much as my best friend celebrated her 35th on Saturday. It was nice to join her party. On Sunday I just managed to make a few new listings for my Supply Shop, that's all.

This week will be full of work for sure. Craft event is approaching and there's still a lot to do. I'll try to blog a bit later this week though. See you soon and have a great week everyone!

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April 10, 2010

Karuski's Supply Shop

Friends, I have some news!
This week I did set up a new shop on Etsy, it is for detashing some of my supplies which I have more than I can possibly use in a near future. Some of them are totally new which I have purchased in wholesale amounts, some are vintage finds and some are something in between. Purse frames, zippers, belt buckles, ribbon, lace, buttons and much more. I plan to add some of my fabrics there too. By the way, if you have any suggestion in what sizes and amounts you would like to shop fabrics I would be more than happy to hear!

I will be adding things little by little, there's a lot of photographing that needs to be finished first. Anyways, I hope you will stop by at karuski supplies whenever you feel like exploring some supplies for your sewing and craft projects. And as always, I'm glad to hear your feedback whether it involves the design, shop policies, shipping options or assortment in the shop (or anything else) that could make your shopping experience better.

Have a great weekend everyone!

April 07, 2010

Sweet Packages

Today was a lovely day full of surprises! Mail man brought me several packages: orders I had recently placed on Etsy. Have a look below, aren't they all beautiful!

Sweet handmade packages waiting for being opened

Japanese inspired gocco print made by Anna of Annarubyking

Lovely vintage rings from Cookoorikoo's shop

Vintage velvet purse from Italianpostcards

This velvet clutch purse I plan to bring to my craft fairs to store the change money. Of course I could occasionally take it along to a night out as well. It would make a nice match with one of those rings so well, don't you think?

It makes me happy I have supported my fellow crafters by ordering through Etsy. Besides this these purchases are environmentally sound too. In fact I've been making almost all my purchases from fellow crafters for a long time now instead of going to a regular shop (if we don't count grocery shopping of course). I do encourage everyone to do the same whenever possible!

April 06, 2010

A Beach Trip

Yesterday we spent a few hours outdoors, walking and taking pictures on the beach. This is a preserved dune beach but now there's still so much snow the dunes are hard to be seen. A walk through a forest worked like a good excercise, I needed that! Even though there wasn't very much sun light the snow reflected the light in an effective way so sun glasses were really useful. The nature was quiet but I saw a swan couple by the lake and one solitary swan was flying on the sky, screaming loudly. I wonder, what was he/she looking for.

As always, the best part of these trips was a coffee break with sandwiches. I'd like to make such a beach trip soon again.

I wish you a lovely week!

April 01, 2010

My Creative Space

Yesterday I started to produce a new lot of visit cards for Karuski. I printed, cut and stamped a bunch of them. 180 pieces to be precise. They are small in size but big in thought and I plan to deliver them to Karuski friends on my next fair which will take place 24. - 25.4. on Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki.

Also, I needed more thank you cards with tiny butterflies to add along my Etsy orders. I made these below in a shade of light violet yesterday. They are just waiting for being stamped. Soon they will be ready.

I'm not sure if I'll have a moment to make a blog post tomorrow.
I'm wishing a Happy Easter to all of you right now!

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