February 27, 2011

Sunday Love

Hello Sunday,

How has your weekend been?
On Friday I was hoping to have a relaxing weekend ahead but...
it turned out I needed to get finished with my sales taxes.
Still working on those.
Bah Pain.

One good news is we've been eating über-healthy.
Yesterday: wholegrain ecological rice and tomato based spicy sauce with soy
Today: vegetarian split pea soup,
I might try this soup recipe over 101cookbooks
Between meals I've tried knäckebröd with sliced avocado + lemon *yum*

Ula and me

new clutches half way ready

I just had to finish one new prototype today

Any thoughts about that new small pouch design?
Would love to hear your feedback!

Now, back to bookkeeping... wish me luck.


February 25, 2011

Happy Weekend

This week was short for me,
due to sick days I had to go through.
Nonetheless I'm glad it's Friday and I feel healthy again.
During the weekend I try to catch up in the studio.
Looking forward to it.

No extra plans, no stress.
That's my philosophy today.

These photos below remind me of our fun trip to Stockholm two weeks ago!

chocolate Dalai horses *yummy*

lovely brooch custom made by latenightdrawing

salty licorice skipper's pipes

For the weekend inspiration, read & see I'd love to recommend: Mixed Plate


February 24, 2011

My Creative Space

Hello friends,

Last two days have been quiet over here,
I have spent them sick in bed but I'm so much better now *happy*

I was honored to have my studio featured this week over Handmade Europe.
Have a look, I hope you like it!

More creative spaces on Kootoyoo's blog...

Have a lovely and creative Thursday!


February 22, 2011

New Work: Earrings

Hi there,

What a nice weekend we had visiting a good friend who threw a house warming party on Saturday night. But, Henri got sick and had fever on Sunday and Monday too.

Today I felt strange after getting home from my riding class. Now it feels like I'm not going to get out of bed tomorrow. I couldn't take a few days off from working now. Need to finish doing taxes and such. But I don't want to work when feeling icky and feverish, either. *sigh*

Here are just a few new earrings I photographed this afternoon. Red roses are in Karuski's shoppe, other new ones need to wait until I get back to normal.

dangling vintage blooms

woodland love hoops

Good night... hopefully I will talk to you tomorrow.


February 18, 2011

Happy Weekend

Hey it's Friday!

This week went so fast (they often do, don't you think).
This weekend I'll be celebrating with H: it's our 10 years anniversary!
Well, as we aren't married I'm not sure if I can call it an anniversary.
But I will anyways.

Cake and champagne!

Kiti and a sweet tea towel by Tina Backman [souvenir from Stockholm]

greeting card also by Tina Backman

I'm sending extra hello to Carolina, we met in Stockholm last Sunday

For the weekend inspiration, blissful photos at Follow Studio...

See you soon!


February 17, 2011

My Creative Space

This week it's been so cold again:
-15 – 22 C in South and -30 – 35 C in North.
The sky has been blue and bright. No more snow storms or rain.
Sunshine is definitely bringing much needed extra energy *smile*

I picked some fabrics from my stash,
light colors to set my mind towards upcoming spring.

recycled napkins, bed sheet and more

A few new clutches are ready and listed in Karuski's shop

More creative spaces at Kootoyoo's blog...

Spring inspired eco-friendly treasury I created last night...


February 15, 2011

Stockholm Furniture Fair: Favorites

We spent the weekend in Stockholm and visited the Furniture Fair on Saturday. Here are just a few of my favorites I saw in Green House which is an area dedicated to young emerging designers and art schools.

Amazing origami lightning by PIORA 

Versatile "Ena" bench systems by Eleonor Horner

Beautiful cloth hanger "Stick with me" by Sara Roxana
via Sara Roxana Design

Lovely lace edged mini table set by Maria Bjorlykke

I hope to see these pieces in shops soon but it may take some time as most of these were now showcased as prototypes. I can totally see some of these produced with craftsmanship methods but the future will tell which path these designers will choose.

I'll post some fun souvenir pictures + more soon. 
Have a happy day!


February 14, 2011

Monday Moodboard

ring by accessories
necklace by lunahoo
print by lauraamiss
origami flower by signoraluna

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's freezing cold in Southern Finland today: -21 celsius so I'll be adding wood to our fireplace.

I spent the weekend in Stockholm with H and what a great time we had. I had a chance to meet with sweet Carolina yesterday. We met at Moderna Museet, visited the current exhibition, checked out the Architecture Museum and chatted with a cup of coffee. I'll post some pictures this week!

I also met Saori, my Japanese friend at the furniture fair, she had her work on display at Konstfack's space. We spent almost all day at the fair. There's always so much to see and the most inspiring things are usually exhibited by students. I absolutely want to share a few of my favorites later this week.  

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February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

It's My Creative Space post today!

Last couple of days I've been tinkering with new promo material here.
I took a few new pictures, drafted a mini poster and got a new business card template as well.

What is mini poster you might be wondering.
People are always curious about the item and its background and also a person behind the item. So I came up with an idea of such a mini poster that I could deliver to those boutiques that sell Karuski collection. This comes in A5 size and will be framed nicely and placed next to Karuski purses and jewelry. I write a bit of myself and materials I use which play a major part in my design process. I could use this mini poster at my craft fair tables too.

business card template

promo picture

A5 size mini poster

So this idea is free to use if you like it.
I hope you find it inspirational and useful!

More creative spaces over Kootoyoo...


February 09, 2011

For A Good Cause: EuropeForCharity

Dear friends,

Many of you are aware of EuropeForCharity, the Etsy shop which donates all its proceedings for good causes. This shop was opened when the world was hit by flood news in Pakistan last summer. It is managed by Baa and all items are donated by members of EuropeanStreetTeam. The shop was able to donate $750 in 2010 and the donations went for Architecture for Humanity and Kashf Foundation which both make very hard rebuilding work in Pakistan.

A new organization has been added to the list: BlinkNow which works on grass root level in Nepal, helping local orphans to have a better future. Have a look at their site, it is an amazing story of what one young lady can do to change things for better.

Here are just a few picks from EuropeForCharity's shop.
I hope they bring sunshine to your day!

flower magnet set for $8

Spread the word of this shop, share some love.
I wish you the most beautiful day!


February 07, 2011

Monday Moodboard

photograph by kristakeltanen
earrings by creairtive
bracelet by happydaydesigns
hair pin by sumikoshop

Hello Monday!

Did you have a nice weekend, what are your plans for this new week?
I talked to a new retailer prospect today and it seems I will be making another batch of purses soon. This is a new shop run by designers and craft loving people. They have formed a community to join the forces for promoting and selling Finnish art, craft & design. I make consignment deals very rarely these days but this one gives me warm feelings so I'm going to give a try.

More sweetness on my newest treasury...
More Monday Moodboards over Fleurfatale...

Also, go check the new series starting today on Handmade Europe!


February 05, 2011

Happy Weekend

Just wanted to wish you a sweet weekend with these pictures of Ula, our second cat. I'm hoping you have a chance to relax and enjoy things you love the most. We are cooking blinis tonight, one of my favorite dishes in winter season. See you next week!

For a weekend inspiration read & see: laulurastas ja satakieli
Loving the way she lives slowly, dreaming and cherishing good, old things


February 03, 2011

Blog Makeover

Hello, hello!

I'm so happy I came across this fabulous site: powered by pastries. Katrina, the designer behind powered by pastries creates fantastic blogger layouts and now even offers one sweet template for free!

I wanted to have a makeover here on Karuski's blog so I went ahead and downloaded Shortcake Strawberry and I think it looks just lovely. I might edit a few things in a bit but for now I'm very happy with Karuski nest's fresh yet romantic look.

If there's any feature you think is missing and you would like to see on my blog, leave me a note in the comments section. Thanks!


Monday Moodboard

dress by mirthquakeclothing
needlecase by knitterbag
bracelet by lepetitfoyer
bag by starbags

Weekend was good, I hope you enjoyed yours.
Thanks to H, my family and friends (in real life & online alike) I had a wonderful birthday on Saturday!

Here are some lovely finds for you to start the week with, each made of vintage materials. My weak point is vintage and recycled fabric + vintage jewelry parts too. On Saturday I went to a local flea market and found a great black leather skirt. I was thinking to use it to make a few pouches just to find out it fits me. Now I need to re-think what to do with this skirt. Oh, and the best part is it did cost only 3 euros.

Have a wonderful week.
More Monday Moodboards over Fleurfatale's blog.
Be inspired!
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