March 28, 2011

Monday Moodboard

Hello, hello!

A new week is here again.
How was your weekend?
I relaxed quite a bit
and didn't work all that much.
There was a photography project to finish
but other than that I took it pretty easy.
On Sunday evening we had a chance
to see a great, great concert of Prince of Assyria.
He's a Swedish singer/song writer
with amazing voice and touching lyrics.

leaf brooch by bonjouralbane
owl magnet by fibrous
leaf ring by laccentnou
moth brooch by blueterracotta

I feel this week is full of promise so hopefully
this mosaic sends some positive thoughts
to your way, too *smile*

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March 25, 2011

Happy Weekend

Hey everyone!

I think I mentioned before that we're still
getting snow here in Finland.
Well, today it looked almost like a snow storm.
I think I'll snuggle on the couch
light the fireplace and have a glass of red wine
to warm me up.

I looked through my Etsy favorites and wanted
to share some flower therapy with you.
These are so beautiful.

necklace by lindecise

pouch by zibagz

pillow by annakrycz

vintage buttons by lucietalesvintage

clutch purse by memake

Oh, and I haven't showed any pictures from my newly renovated studio yet.
Soon, I promise.

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March 23, 2011

Button Love

Happy Midweek!

This week is Etsy Euro Week
and I've been hard at working on
posts over Handmade Europe
Glad to promote the European Street Team!

One of my retailers here in Finland
asked if I would make Karuski rings for them.
I looked through my button and supplies stash
Here is what I came up with

How is your week proceeding?
Wishing you well, make your day lovely & creative!

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March 21, 2011

Monday Moodboard

Hello Monday!

We had a lovely sunny weekend here *smile*
I'm almost done wallpapering and organizing my studio.
Perhaps I can show pictures in a few days time.

But guess what.
It started to snow again, it's true.
I can't pack my mittens and scarfs just yet.
But I keep on dreaming of spring!

neck/head warmer by sibeldesign
necklace by notreodyssee
etching by fleurografie
mittens by warmandsoft

Did you know the Euro Week started on Etsy today?
We could expect to see lots of European features this week!

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March 18, 2011

Weekend Wishlist

Oh Friday, weekend is here again!

This week I didn't spend much time creating.
I'm working on my studio renewal, it needs some extra space.
There is a loom in my studio but
I'm not weaving so I'll disassemble it.
We went to Ikea and I found nice simple drawers.
Today I'm hunting for some bargain wallpapers.
One wall will get a new look.
Busy but fun weekend ahead.

Here are a few inspiring home/office deco items found through Etsy

porcelain vase by suitonestudio

photograph by photograbee

table lamp by vintagerenewal

mail organizer by tuuni

paper garland by gretchenmist

Do you have plans for this weekend?
In any case I hope you'll have a good one!

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March 15, 2011

Flickr Favorites

Hello Tuesday!

The weekend was good and
I'm now busy with new local orders.
I've been hunting some particular fabrics
and also ordered more earring supplies.
Karuski's vintage stud earrings have been
much loved lately. *happy*

I would love to share a few lovely purses found through Flickr

wallet with rose print by zakkaart

library tote by duringmyheyday

woven bag by Fios de Linha

More Flickr favorites on Artmind's blog...

If you would like to check my green lifestyle links
head over my post on Handmade Europe...

Have a creative week!


March 12, 2011

Weekend Wishlist


I'm feeling sad because of news about
earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.
It's a surreal feel to read & watch those news
houses collapsing, cars and people floating in the water.
I heard back from friends and they are luckily safe.
I'm can't help thinking,
this could have happened when I was staying in Tokyo.
These are such unexpected and unfortunate things
that you just cannot be prepared enough.

I am hoping people in Japan can soon go back to their normal lives.
Japan hasn't yet requested financial help from the world but
The Red Cross is encouraging people to donate because
The day can come that these funds will be needed.

If you are in Finland, here's how you can do it.
Information about the American Red Cross helping
victims of this earthquake is here.

a bouquet of tulips I bought yesterday

This little birdie bookmark is a souvenir from Modeerna Museet

It looks like the spring is on its way now

There are some craft related wishes in my mind.
Have a peaceful weekend, everyone.


March 09, 2011

New Photos: Experimenting


Today I crabbed my camera [or it's actually H's but I get to borrow it]
and had a small photo shooting session.
I thought it would be the time to improve my photos again
so below are examples what I came up with.

What I find important is the nice natural light
which means it needs to be a sunny day [not guaranteed here!]
I hoped to bring a bit of spring spirit to my item shots
so I added flowers as props
[they are not real but still look quite pretty]
I tried to go close to the item and
I used a wide shutter to reach more depth to the photo.
I love pictures that aren't equally sharp but have
small points in focus and the rest of the picture may be blurred
They simply look appealing and interesting to me.

I'm constantly struggling to find the right color balance
as I'm looking for a little dreamy look
but still want to keep the colors true.
One thing is sure though:
photos are never ready when they come
straight out of camera but need some editing too.

Well, there's always room for improvement!


March 07, 2011

Monday Moodboard

Hello, it's a new week again!

The weekend was really nice.
On Saturday we went to see an art exhibition in Fiskars village.
The exhibition itself wasn't all that great
but I loved the sunny weather and time spent with H.
We also planned some small home deco project:
wallpapering one wall in our bedroom.

Yesterday evening I started to update my site
and there's still some work to be done.
I really wish I had nice shots with a model.

What was the best part of your weekend?

scarf by muratyusuf
box pedestal by psyboom
vintage buttons by mademoisellechipotte
ring by masaoms

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Have a creative week!

p.s. Baking cinnamon rolls might have been the highlight of my weekend :)


March 04, 2011

Friday Love

Hi everyone!

I thought to share a few sweet finds from Karuski's Etsy favorites.
Just because it's Friday and these are on my own wish list.
Perhaps you like them too.

Any weekend plans?
I would like to get my new pouches photographed.
Other than that I hope to relax a bit.
Last weekend turned out pretty rough so
I hope not to stress that much now.
At least the sales taxes rumba is completed and over. *relief*

Wishing a beautiful weekend to you!


March 02, 2011

New Work: Pouches & Clutches

It's already midweek and this is my first post this week!

Here in Karuski studio it's been a joyful day.
I finished a bunch of *new* pouches + a couple of clutches, too.

These pouches are useful for carrying small things such as
-make up

Almost all of these new darlings
have a sweet little button embellishment.
Of course.

vintage button on the clutch's front

springy green and tiny blooms

a batch of *new* zipper pouches

For more button inspiration head over
P8-buttons & fabrics...

See you soon!

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