March 09, 2011

New Photos: Experimenting


Today I crabbed my camera [or it's actually H's but I get to borrow it]
and had a small photo shooting session.
I thought it would be the time to improve my photos again
so below are examples what I came up with.

What I find important is the nice natural light
which means it needs to be a sunny day [not guaranteed here!]
I hoped to bring a bit of spring spirit to my item shots
so I added flowers as props
[they are not real but still look quite pretty]
I tried to go close to the item and
I used a wide shutter to reach more depth to the photo.
I love pictures that aren't equally sharp but have
small points in focus and the rest of the picture may be blurred
They simply look appealing and interesting to me.

I'm constantly struggling to find the right color balance
as I'm looking for a little dreamy look
but still want to keep the colors true.
One thing is sure though:
photos are never ready when they come
straight out of camera but need some editing too.

Well, there's always room for improvement!



Star of the East said...

I love the first picture mostly, but they are all great and you caught a nice spring feeling :)

fleurfatale said...

I love your pictures,
the atmosphere is romantic, light, spring, dreamy, nostalgic, I think you did a very good job!

Dina Fragola said...

What I love most is how you manage to catch an atmosphere that matches your items so well!

Colours and Textures said...

They are lovely, I like teh use of flowers in teh photos.

ingermaaike said...

They are dreamy to perfection! I love your style of photography :)

NorraSud by ROROISM said...

good job! flowers work great!

X by Leina Neima said...

Lovely. My fave is first one :=)

andrea creates said...

your photos are fabulous! i like the way you've done them :)
i wish i could find more natural light here's been so rainy and dreary.i gave up and bought a back drop and photo lights-which, though not natural are the only thing i've been able to use lately.

Taylors Inspiration said...

These are great photos!

And thanks for following my blog, i'm following yours!

ana carina said...

I love them, and they do have this Spring feel! :D

pipian handmade said...

Continues to experience.

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