January 27, 2011

Happy News!

Oh dear, how I have neglected my dear blog!

This new year got a slow start but now I'm in a full swing again: sewing and making jewelry for a new wholesale account here in Finland. More about that soon...

Bigger news is here: I'm starting to take care of Handmade Europe, the blog of European Street Team on Etsy. As Judit of Vadjutka will move on to new challenges I'll be responsible for the content of the site. We are a large team with over 1500 members and growing. Of course there are lots of lovely contributors from the team who work with me so I'm not making it happen all alone. Together we can keep the blog appealing and interesting!

Read what Judit posted about this change just today here.

Also, I'll be more involved in the team's shop: EuropeForCharity.

So, things are moving on. New challenges for a new year.
Be well, see you soon!
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