April 28, 2011

My Creative Space

Happy Thursday everyone!

Somehow this week seems shorter to me
must be because of Easter Monday
which was a holiday here

It's been warm and nice all week
so I decided to make my creative space post
about gardening things

Tiny tomato seedlings got re-potted last weekend

I found these lovely rose gloves from a local gardening shop

Couldn't resist poppy and bean seeds, either

Ula is another anxious wanna-be gardener here

Other good news:
My studio space will get an interior magazine feature
I was interviewed this Tuesday *excited*

More creative spaces on Kootoyoo's blog...


April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter!

It's a warm and sunny weekend
here in Southern Finland *happy*
Yesterday we went for a walk
in the woods and lake nearby
and even spotted a sea of wood anemones
spring is finally here!

I got tulips from the store

homemade pasha for the Easter

purple wood anemones look like spring to me

I hope you're fine
Enjoy the weekend!


April 21, 2011

My Creative Space

Hello Thursday,

Last weekend I was at the design craft market
It was really nice, I enjoyed a lot.
This week I slowed down a bit
I've been photographing new pieces
I'm putting them to my Etsy one by one
some are already there *smile*

Do you have plans for the Easter?
I'm not traveling anywhere far from home
but will spend time with H
it will be fun to cook together
looking forward to that

Happy Easter to you!

ps. Lovely soothing images for your eyes and soul...
I'm loving Krista's photography


April 15, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Friday!

Today I've been giving
just a few finishing touches
to my pieces and gift boxes
I'm ready for the weekend's craft market

Have you seen yet
the spring catalogue of Lovely Clusters?
If you're into soft light and
sweet images I bet you'll love it.

all images via Lovely Clusters

Have a great weekend, everyone!


April 13, 2011

It's About Buttons


Just two days ago I came up with a new design
It's so funny these new ideas pop in my head now
when I'm busy making for the weekend's craft market
But what can I say, I feel grateful
It's not easy to make something new and fresh
and these ideas don't come every day
at least not in my case.

They turned out long cases, perfect for pens, pencils and brushes

I covered button blanks with scraps of vintage fabrics

I love to treasure left over fabrics, even tiny pieces of them

I got a lovely donation of button blanks from Susanne.
Isn't she the sweetest ♥

Have you made something with buttons lately?


April 10, 2011

Craft Market Preps/Displays

Hi there,

This week I've neglected my poor little blog a lot.
It's incredible how days seems to have too few hours.
I'm sure you've noticed the same, no?

Besides working on new jewelry and purses
for the upcoming design craft market
I've been thinking of how to display my pieces
I scored a sweet little scarf from a local flea
and wanted to give it a new life so
I came up with an idea to tweak my earrings display.

I've been using this old frame in the past but it screamed for an "update"

I placed the fabric on top of an recycled cork memory board
(which I first cut to fit the frame)
thumbtacks stick to the board and earrings have now sturdy hangers

This vintage cake stand is another flea market find and perfect for my button rings

I also needed some nice promo pictures
and figured I could use my chalkboard sign to display my newest earrings
The sign itself is a vintage tray which I had painted earlier

So this is what is going on here right now.
I hope you find some of these inspirational!

How was your weekend?


April 06, 2011

Studio News

Quick hello from Karuski studio!

I'm working hard on new bambi pouches for my reseller Joutomaa.
If I only have time I'll have the pictures taken &
share some with you before mailing them out.

My first spring craft market is coming up soon.
It is just 1 1/2 weeks away.
I'll share the booth with Tuuni.
She makes lovely home decor items.

There are incredibly many things going on now.
I try to post about the craft market preps
as some of you may find inspiration from there.

narcissus is blooming in the studio

My newest gift boxes for large earrings and necklaces

I tore some vintage cotton fabric to protect each piece

smaller boxes for stud earrings and rings

New supplies arrived today
I must get back to creating now!

Have a great and creative day, everyone!

ps. A couple of new stud earrings found their way to the shop...
pps. EcoEtsy's charity auction got started yesterday!


April 01, 2011

My Creative Space


It's been a crazy busy week here.
I've been working on Team EcoEtsy's
upcoming Handmade Earth Day Auction graphics
Their online event starts next Monday.
Also, my taxes are due next Monday. Hurray.
I did finish two wholesale orders
and mailed them out on Thursday *happy*

I promised to show you some pictures from my renovated studio.
Here they come!

new drawers and some storage boxes

Three drawers placed together store fabrics

This wallpaper was a score for 5 euros/roll

Big lamp above my sewing desk is new

Old wooden shelf got moved near the window

More creative space inspiration over Kootoyoo's blog...

If I don't find a moment to wish you
a happy weekend on Friday as usual
I'm doing it right now:
I hope you'll have a lovely weekend!

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