June 28, 2010

Monday Moodboard

necklace by staroftheeast
silk scarf by silkstory
cameo necklace by katheyl

We celebrated the Midsummer last weekend here in Finland. Luckily we did get only a little rain, we were blessed by the sunshine almost all weekend. It took 6,5 hours to drive from our home to my parents' summer cabin but it was all worth it. It is difficult to describe that blissful moment one can experience in a peaceful place by a lake and forest. Only activities you really need is a book or magazines, simple cooking, sauna & enjoying the scenery. I love it!

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June 23, 2010

My Creative Space

I've been recycling my old interior magazines by tearing lots of beautiful pages and cutting them into small envelopes. I will use them to hold my handmade thank you cards I send along Karuski's Etsy orders. I love to collect those magazines but after storing them in a bookshelf for some years I feel it is about the time to do something useful with them!

If you want to make similar project you can find a free envelope template at Crafty Templates . Please remember that this template is for personal use only. Trace it on a magazine or catalogue page you like to use, after having it cut add paper glue or two sided tape to assemble the envelope (by using the tape you avoid the wrinkles). I like to close mine with a cute handstamped sticker after tucking a card inside.


ps. Happy Midsummer too!

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June 20, 2010

Scandinavian Summer

Green fields
Light nights
Lovely wild blooms
Walk on smooth rocks

Midsummer is less than a week away. As always, I'm looking forward to it.
Hoping for a nice weather, we have planned a long weekend at a summer cottage.

I took these pictures two summers ago on a small island, one of those southernmost spots in Finland. But it is beautiful all over the country now! How is your summer going?

June 19, 2010

Bead Affairs

Hey, the weekend is here again, I hope you're enjoying your [free] time!
Some of you are aware of my detash supply shoppe on Etsy I opened this spring. I just found some beads from my studio on Friday and got them photographed. Here's something I already added to karuskisupplies, and a few more is coming this weekend.

star shaped glass beads with aurora borealis effect

magenta tear drop glass beads with aurora borealis effect

vintage lucite flower beads coming soon, I have some in pink too...

Other than playing with beads I will cuddle up on a couch with a book. I visited our library so there's no need to find other activity this weekend. Anyways, the weather looks pretty rainy so what's a better way to spend a day?!

June 15, 2010

With Kind Thoughts

Happy New Week everyone!
I totally missed my usual Monday Moodboard post yesterday. It's because I was out in Helsinki meeting my former fellow students from our textile design class back in college. So good to see these people every now and then. We figured, at least 60% of our class is currently in the [indie] textile business in a way or another. I would say we are pretty stubborn women.

Today I heard Moonika's baking news over Twitter. She was making raspberry topped lemon muffins which inspired me to pay a quick visit to a store and soon I was ready to bake. Here's what I got.

My version of raspberry topped lemon muffins

There are plenty and I'll bring quite a few to my friends I'll be meeting on Wednesday

I also made salty ones with parmesan cheese, oregano and chopped olives

Lots of coffee arrived in mail (in fact 10 packs to be precise)

I purchased the coffee last week over the phone. Buy Aid runs a campaign to raise money for Finnish families with children who are diagnosed a cancer. Even though I don't personally know any child with this disease I like to help this small way.

I'm sending lots of kind thoughts to your direction as well, enjoy this new week!

June 10, 2010

My Creative Space

Hello friends,
This week I'm inviting you to meet me and my friend Allisa on her blog. Read more about my flea market finds below on Quiltish blog.

ps. I love Allisa's purses a lot!

Wishing lots of sunshine to your ongoing week!

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June 07, 2010

Monday Moodboard

porcelain ring
by maapstudio
hip pouch by iragrant
bag by kathrynbloom
earrings by donauluft

I wish you had a wonderful weekend, here is a start to a new week!
My weekend was filled with rock festival so now I could use something soft to balance my mood. On Saturday we went to Helsinki Live Festival, there were Michael Monroe (FIN), Danko Jones (CAN), Skunk Anansie (UK), White Lies (UK) and Guns N' Roses (USA) and I really enjoyed the energy these bands had to offer. Also, the weather was beautifully sunny, even that much I got some skin burn (not so beautiful).

I will now start working on a guest post for lovely Allisa of Quiltish. Check back by Thursday for an update (you can also hear the news on karuski's Twitter). Have a great week everyone!

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June 03, 2010

My Creative Space

So far this week has been filled with lots of crafty things: cutting fabrics, sewing and yesterday I even visited a couple of flea markets. I scored some nice fabrics and a jewelry display to use at craft fairs (actually it is not a jewelry display in the first place but I decided it will work for that just fine!). Well, now I'm back making those linen purses I had in my shoppe before Christmas, here's something new for you to taste.

Cream dahlia with light lime linen

Cream with teal linen purse

As the weather seems to stay warm and sunny I'll spend more time in the garden but linen purses project shall continue as well. Talking about garden did I mention lilacs and lily of the valleys are soon in full bloom here -love!

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June 01, 2010

Happy New Things

Last few days I've been trying to make friends with my sewing machine and succeeded partly. Here are two new pieces I got photographed today. A couple of linen purses will be finished tomorrow so stay tuned!

Cotton candy features a lovely hand crocheted vintage lace and silk buttons

Summer meadow with some Scandinavian bloom print, cute button + ribbon

Apple blossoms are blooming in our garden now

Totally unplanned I made this triple bloom headband today

This piece I will keep for myself but could consider making more for my shoppe

Funny thing is I wanted to book a hairdresser for this week but mine had her schedule already full so I totally failed to have a haircut as desired. Perhaps this inspired me to make a hair adornment? Anyways this piece will be useful and pretty for several occasions for sure. I already know I will wear it for my cousin's wedding this summer. Now need to find a sweet dress to match the headband...

Have a lovely week everyone!
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