September 28, 2011

Greetings From Berlin #2

Hi there,

Is it the days that are getting shorter
because I really feel my pace is so slow now?!
I love autumn but not very much looking forward
to those days and months with minimal daylight

Anyhow, here are a few more picture from Berlin
where I got a chance to spend a week
while visiting Hello Etsy
I'm going to cherish that week as it was filled with
many happy moments, warm weather
all those amazing speakers and fellow crafters
Berlin was really great again!

a handbook to guide us through Hello Etsy

Thanks ThingLink for featuring Karuski on the handbook!

Here's just a part of visit cards I swapped during the weekend.
Lovely collection.

H with towers, such a silly picture

Two of us on this funny close up photo

Have you noticed that some of my pictures include tags with links?
I wanted to try the linking tools ThingLink provides
it's quite awesome you can add several links to one picture if you like
they even have the audio tool so you can include a little story
to go along the item or people in your photo

It can bring your pictures really alive! 
[this wasn't a paid ad LOL]


September 23, 2011

Greetings From Berlin


I just got back home from Berlin,
it was the Hello Etsy summit I visited
and as I was traveling with H
we wanted to stay for some extra days
so all in all it was a one week trip to us.

I can't believe how warm it still was in Berlin
we had dinners outside and walked without
jackets during the day
only Sunday happened to be a rainy day

It was awesome to meet lots of online Etsy friends
at the summit which took place 17. - 18.9.
There were lots of interesting sessions
one of my favorite speakers was Natalie Chanin
you should definitely check out her unique & ethnical clothing line.

Here are just a few of my lovely European Etsy friends I was lucky to meet!

Judit and Mitsy enjoying Marimekko fabrics

Mari having fun sewing

Rhiannon and Hello Etsy bear

Petronella with Mitsy on a break

I'm going to make another
Berlin related post in the coming days
so if interested in seeing and reading more
stay tuned!


September 05, 2011

Around My Home

Hello everyone,

During the weekend I got inspired by
what I saw on Enhabiten's lovely blog
It's easy to understand how her Enhabiten collection
of home wares and decoration looks so naturally beautiful
when seeing her home interior with
all those vintage (or not) items in her house.

This inspired me to take photos of our home
and I thought to post a few every now and then
just as I love to see others' homes some of you
might enjoy seeing bits of mine.

post card by prettylittlethieves

H's collection of vintage film camera equipment

I know these dried flowers collect dust but I can't help myself

autumn + candles= ♥ 

Each time I post these I'll include a link to someone's sweet blog
where I've seen something inspiring of her/his home.
This week it was Liane of Enhabiten.

Have a lovely new week!

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