September 05, 2011

Around My Home

Hello everyone,

During the weekend I got inspired by
what I saw on Enhabiten's lovely blog
It's easy to understand how her Enhabiten collection
of home wares and decoration looks so naturally beautiful
when seeing her home interior with
all those vintage (or not) items in her house.

This inspired me to take photos of our home
and I thought to post a few every now and then
just as I love to see others' homes some of you
might enjoy seeing bits of mine.

post card by prettylittlethieves

H's collection of vintage film camera equipment

I know these dried flowers collect dust but I can't help myself

autumn + candles= ♥ 

Each time I post these I'll include a link to someone's sweet blog
where I've seen something inspiring of her/his home.
This week it was Liane of Enhabiten.

Have a lovely new week!



andrea creates said...

it looks great-very inspiring to get my placed straightened up ;)
thanks for stopping by :)

Valerie said...

Beautiful photos! I really like the idea of adding a link to another's blog. Nice touch!

hattu said...

Lovely site :)

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