June 29, 2011

Local Flea Finds

Hello, hello!

Today I visited a few flea markets
I didn't have any expectations
that's usually the best approach, I've noticed
but I found lots of lovelies!
Vintage lamps and lamp shades
large suitcase, rag rug, fabrics
glass bowl, hand crocheted table cloth

I'm planning a *fun* one month event
with 4 of my crafty friends.
It will take place in August so
cannot reveal everything just yet.
These flea finds will play a big role in our project.
It's exciting times!

Besides these sweet repurposed finds it's been
a beautiful summer day here
I had a lunch in the garden
toast and natural yoghurt with strawberries & grapes
refreshing sparkling water in a glass
couldn't ask for more, really.

I hope you're enjoying sunny days as well!


June 27, 2011

Monday Moodboard

Happy Monday,

The Midsummer weekend was great!
Even the weather turned out fine and
we didn't get any rain here in South.
We stayed at home
which was totally nice
We'll travel to the summer cabin
somewhere around July for sure.

I'm predicting my blog & shop will get
a little quiet in July.
I try to have some break
but it will actually be rather busy
behind the scenes because there's
one interesting project coming up in August
More about that in a bit!

earrings by pergamondo
pillow cover by earthly
fine art photography by shabbyphotographer
necklace by psarokokalo

More moodboards over staroftheeast...
Have a lovely week!


June 21, 2011

Flickr Favorites/Midsummer

Hello friends!

This week we'll be celebrating the Midsummer
It means many will travel to countryside
to enjoy the silence and bonfires by the lake
This is the time when the sun wont set
it's the light nights celebration.
Unfortunately the weather forecast
isn't very promising, it will be
rather rainy this year.
Usually we travel to my
parents' summer cabin but
now we might postpone our trip to July.

via idhren

via /kallu

I've been sewing new button pouches but
I'm not sure if I get them photographed until next week.
We will see...

More Flickr Favorites over Mitsy's blog...


June 16, 2011

My Creative Space

It's the studio post day today!

Yesterday I started with
a new batch of button pouches
Here is a sneak preview of fabrics
I chose several floral prints
in cotton and corduroy
many of them are local flea finds
and a couple are Japanese print patterns
flower fabrics are just great
especially in the summer season!

Want to see more? Head over ourcreativespaces...

ps. Here're some summer cooking tips I posted just today


June 13, 2011

Summer Cooking

Welcome Monday!

After a super hot weekend it's raining today
I'm pretty happy and the nature must love this too.
On Saturday I wanted to try something alternative
to regular cooking
For me hot meals on hot days aren't
the most desired choice so
I decided to make a layered sandwich cake instead

You might know these cold cakes are
pretty popular in Scandinavia
they are often offered at spring and summer parties
but it's just fine to make one any day
for yourself and your family!

My cake was a vegetarian one but fish and shrimps are popular fillings
Some prefer several layers, I had two on mine
I didn't follow any recipe but here is one to check out
Improvising is always accepted
For example I wanted to avoid mayonnaise
and used plain yogurt mixed with fresh cheese (such as Philadelphia)
My fillings had diced tomatoes with basil and
spring onions with parsley + grated cucumber
These cakes taste the best on the following day...

Have a happy week!


June 11, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Saturday!

Hot days are still here but soon
we will be getting thunderstorms.
Today I photographed
a whole bunch of bambi pouches *happy*
I'm spending this weekend with cats
H is taking a weekend trip to a music festival.
On hot days cooking is hard for me so
I'm eating fruits and my favorite snack
is unsweetened plain yoghurt with sliced pears
ps. basil & pineapple sage add a lovely flavor to them

I hope to get to a flea market this weekend
would be fun to score something
perhaps some pretty fabrics?!

How about your weekend?


June 08, 2011

Sharing My Survey Results

Hi everyone,

A little ago I asked your opinions about this blog
what you would like to read and see
here in the future
I'd like to share your opinions

I'm happy to hear many of you are
interested in seeing behind the scenes pics
I need to take more shots
of Karuski studio and the creative process
I try to gather some DIY tips
meanwhile don't forget to check my
bi-weekly DIY links over Handmade Europe
Eco-conscious item features wont be forgotten
For sure I want to show photos and stories
of Finland and Scandinavia as well

Thanks again for your input
this helps me to evolve my blog
And please remember
your feedback is *always* welcome!


June 07, 2011

Flickr Favorites/Garden Party

Hello lovelies,

It seems the heat wave has hit us
it's incredibly hot which makes me
want to make fresh drinks
such as cold lemonade
I've been eating lots of fruits
they are delicious on hot days
oh, and the roses started to bloom, too

For more Flickr Favorites, go visit Mitsy's blog...
Thanks Mitsy for choosing my suggestion "Garden Party"
for this month's theme!

Wishing you a beautiful day!


June 05, 2011

Happy Sunday / Giveaway Winner

Hello Sunday,

The weekend has been just great
warm and relaxing
I've been reading
and planting the runner beans to the ground
I didn't wash the windows upstairs
but I baked a meringue cake

And I did draw the winner for my giveaway:
There were 26 participants and the lucky winner
was number 11: Evelyn
I have contacted her via email

For the cake, I made meringue with
2 egg whites + 1,5 dl sugar + 1 teaspoon white vinegar
filling is whipped cream with a bit of sugar, vanilla and lemon juice
I sliced 1/2 pear and a few strawberries, too
would serve 4-5 persons
super easy and tasty

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


June 03, 2011

Beautiful Package

Happy Friday!

Besides it's been a beautiful summer day
I got a sweet surprise in my mailbox today
a small wallet made by lovely Andrea

I make handmade
I buy handmade
what's a better way
to support people whose work you love

About the weekend
I might spend it reading and
doing a little bit of gardening
maybe even wash the windows
(downstairs is ready but upstairs *still* waiting)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

ps. Here's Andrea's Etsy shoppe...


June 02, 2011

My Creative Space

Hi there!

Today we're having a public holiday in Finland
I've been doing things such as:
taking a riding class
editing photographs
cooking barbecue

Thanks again for everyone who took my survey and joined my giveaway
I'll draw the winner this weekend
will announce the winner soon!

More creative spaces at kootoyoo's...

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