June 21, 2011

Flickr Favorites/Midsummer

Hello friends!

This week we'll be celebrating the Midsummer
It means many will travel to countryside
to enjoy the silence and bonfires by the lake
This is the time when the sun wont set
it's the light nights celebration.
Unfortunately the weather forecast
isn't very promising, it will be
rather rainy this year.
Usually we travel to my
parents' summer cabin but
now we might postpone our trip to July.

via idhren

via /kallu

I've been sewing new button pouches but
I'm not sure if I get them photographed until next week.
We will see...

More Flickr Favorites over Mitsy's blog...



zsazsazsu said...

wunderful choice of pictures ! Hope the weather will be favorable anyway.

ana pina said...

I hope you enjoy Midsummer anyway!
It's so nice to know that Summer arrived :)
Here in Porto we'll be having a popular feast: São João (in honor of St John). The holyday is on June 24, but we celebrate all night long from 23 to 24... it's a great way to welcome summer too :D

anka said...

Beautiful choices!

Nauli said...

All of this picks just look so beautiful!
Hoping for a great summer... with less rain than now...
and wish you a lovely week!

ArtMind said...

Have a lovely midsummer, Minna! There is something really lovely about sitting around a bonfire, isn't it?
I love looking into the flames and feel the warmth of the fire on my skin! Enjoy!

ELK said...

it sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate..sorry it is so rainy we could use some of it!! nice pics

JK said...

Such natural look! Lovely!

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