June 08, 2011

Sharing My Survey Results

Hi everyone,

A little ago I asked your opinions about this blog
what you would like to read and see
here in the future
I'd like to share your opinions

I'm happy to hear many of you are
interested in seeing behind the scenes pics
I need to take more shots
of Karuski studio and the creative process
I try to gather some DIY tips
meanwhile don't forget to check my
bi-weekly DIY links over Handmade Europe
Eco-conscious item features wont be forgotten
For sure I want to show photos and stories
of Finland and Scandinavia as well

Thanks again for your input
this helps me to evolve my blog
And please remember
your feedback is *always* welcome!



kamielandodille@hotmail.com said...

The DIY-link is super! Thanks a lot.

Kanelstrand said...

Thanks for sharing the results! I thought they would be something close to that. So it seems that the myth about people eager to learn more about other independent crafters and artists in the form of features and interviews has just been busted. :) People want DIYs! But the best of all is that they want to know more about you!

Happee Monkee said...

What a pretty, pretty blog! So sweet! Are you from Finland? I was there last weekend and was so blown away at how beautiful it is. I told Kanelstrand my fav. towns were Flam and Bergen :)
Thanks for dropping by my blog!

vadjutka said...

Thanks for this useful post, and yes, I'd love to see your studio more!

inkcaravan.com said...

Hi I've just found you via OCS. What a lovely blog you have. What a great idea to fine-tune it further. I often wonder what my readers would love to see most. Thanks for sharing. : ) Cheers, Alisa

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