June 27, 2011

Monday Moodboard

Happy Monday,

The Midsummer weekend was great!
Even the weather turned out fine and
we didn't get any rain here in South.
We stayed at home
which was totally nice
We'll travel to the summer cabin
somewhere around July for sure.

I'm predicting my blog & shop will get
a little quiet in July.
I try to have some break
but it will actually be rather busy
behind the scenes because there's
one interesting project coming up in August
More about that in a bit!

earrings by pergamondo
pillow cover by earthly
fine art photography by shabbyphotographer
necklace by psarokokalo

More moodboards over staroftheeast...
Have a lovely week!



Anna said...

Beautiful moodboard! Have a great week :)

Star of the East said...

Perfect summery moodboard!
Thanks for playing :)

kraplap said...

Ooooh you are in a real holiday mood !!

creationsbyeve said...

beautiful board!

Nauli said...

Looks like it's becoming more quiet everywhere now. Enjoy your summer. We're not getting anywhere, so we hope weather can compete with the South and we get some summer feeling.

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