June 11, 2011

Happy Weekend

Happy Saturday!

Hot days are still here but soon
we will be getting thunderstorms.
Today I photographed
a whole bunch of bambi pouches *happy*
I'm spending this weekend with cats
H is taking a weekend trip to a music festival.
On hot days cooking is hard for me so
I'm eating fruits and my favorite snack
is unsweetened plain yoghurt with sliced pears
ps. basil & pineapple sage add a lovely flavor to them

I hope to get to a flea market this weekend
would be fun to score something
perhaps some pretty fabrics?!

How about your weekend?



andrea creates said...

good luck with the flea market plans-hope you find some great fabrics :)

*Evelyn* said...

Hello Minna,
I received your gift, the earrings are beautiful, thanks

soon as I can, I'll take a picture

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