June 03, 2011

Beautiful Package

Happy Friday!

Besides it's been a beautiful summer day
I got a sweet surprise in my mailbox today
a small wallet made by lovely Andrea

I make handmade
I buy handmade
what's a better way
to support people whose work you love

About the weekend
I might spend it reading and
doing a little bit of gardening
maybe even wash the windows
(downstairs is ready but upstairs *still* waiting)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

ps. Here's Andrea's Etsy shoppe...



ingermaaike said...

Ubersweet litte pouch indeed!
So fun to buy handmade, I am ever so glad it is possible to do so easily these days :-)
So many venues tempting us with goodies!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Beautiful! Congrats!

Star of the East said...

Lovely wallet, perfect fit for you :)

andrea creates said...

what beautiful photos you've taken!
it makes me happy to know you like it :)
have a super great weekend!!

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