October 27, 2010

Berlin Finds

here are a few of my favorite finds i discovered in berlin
it is a bit funny i shopped quite a bit
i guess i gave myself a permission as i normally almost never go shopping
[except every now and then i do explore flea markets]
so have a look and check the links if you like to find out more

vintage little black/tunic by chloe, purchased from GOO

lovely pleats, ruffles and fabric buttons on the front

vintage hugo boss high heels from the same sweet boutique

well draped tunic by indie designer nadine holtzhauer
i visited her little shop on falckensteinstraße, kreuzberg

loving these large bat sleeves a lot

adorable handpainted enamel locket pendant by villa sorgenfrei
purchased from a small sunday market in friedrichshain
vintage bracelet with matching colors from the same seller

if you love exploring flea markets i definitely recommend this small one on revaler straße [i think that was the name!] in friedrichshain i mentioned above. another one in the area is on on boxhagener platz. there it is worth bargaining, that's the name of the game. still the prices are very reasonable. oh, and one large sunday market i went to was located in mauer park, prenzlauer berg. they offered both vintage and new items, as well as baked goods. there was also a super popular outdoor karaoke, fun!

you should be able to find these on berlin map.
or email me for more info!

October 25, 2010

Berlin Pictures II

i was thinking, as berlin is a city full of [street] art
it would be right to post a few graffiti pictures
it is quite amazing how you find them everywhere in berlin
and how they seem to evolve all the time
one paints something but it might not look the same next week
it is about the freedom of expression, individuals and sub-groups
i find it radical how the society has changed within a short period

if you are interested in what i purchased from berlin
come back in a few days as i plan to post about my finds
art, craft and indie fashion

my other berlin posts:
from the holocaust memorial
michelberger hotel in friedrichshain

have a great new week!

October 22, 2010

Berlin Pictures

while in berlin we went to see the holocaust memorial
it was large and impressive and i found it very poetic
i could feel the isolation when walking through it
rain drops on walls were like tears
but there was the sky above the walls
and there one could see the light

berlin had so much to offer
besides the holocaust memorial i went to the museum of technology,
several indie shops and flea markets too
i'll post more pictures and personal favorites in a day or two

have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

October 21, 2010

My Creative Space

i finished dahlia brooches for my client yesterday
here are a few photos to share
made of vintage and recycled fabrics + lace
10 in light tones & 10 in darker shades
each piece is one of a kind and has a sewn-in pin back
available next week at recently opened nudge helsinki

more creative spaces on kootoyoo's blog...

tomorrow i try to post more pictures from my trip to berlin... see you soon!

October 19, 2010

Greetings From Berlin

hi friends!
greetings from berlin, i'm now back home after a long weekend.
it was a wonderful trip, we enjoyed a lot.
here is something to start with:
michelberger hotel in friedrichshain we stayed at.
this is the most creative hotel i've ever seen, just awesome. and SO cosy too.

i discovered lots of sweet finds and souvenirs.
will post pictures in coming days here on my blog.

btw, i got some nice berlin tips from julia.
check out her favorite places in berlin as well!

have a lovely week!

October 10, 2010

Sunday Walk

it has been a wonderful weekend
crispy autumn days with sunshine
and the first snow on the ground in north finland
yes, winter is around the corner

we had a nice walk today
there's a birdwatching tower by the lake near our home
there were hundreds or thousands of birds in the water and in the sky
they will be heading towards warmer climates soon

i'll be heading to berlin soon. can't wait!
did you enjoy your weekend?

October 06, 2010

From Craft & Design Market

photo via designmyyjäiset

last sunday there was another craft & design market karuski participated in
it was at korjaamo in helsinki, a wonderful old, renovated tram hall
which now organizes cultural events and art exhibitions
over 4000 friends of indie design visited over this weekend
again, i'm showing you something new
lovely humbugi accessories whose table was right next to mine

Anni, designer of Humbugi

Humbugi's lace cuff made of recycled leather

sweet wallets and small purses

small reflective brooches with vintage lace bits

so now i am a happy owner of humbugi lace cuff too!
how about this week... must say it's busy with a wholesale order for a new shop opening soon in helsinki. laptop sleeves, dahlia brooches, earrings.

how was your weekend?

October 02, 2010

Icelandic Horses ♥

last sunday was an extraordinary day
we went for a 4.5 hour hike with icelandic horses
i was there with my cousin & two of her friends
these small horses are quite special
cute yet stubborn whenever they feel like it
we had great fun in the woods together!

it was something different than taking my weekly riding class.
definitely an enjoyable way to explore the nature.
did you ever try something like this?

photo courtesy: auli järvinen
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