October 22, 2010

Berlin Pictures

while in berlin we went to see the holocaust memorial
it was large and impressive and i found it very poetic
i could feel the isolation when walking through it
rain drops on walls were like tears
but there was the sky above the walls
and there one could see the light

berlin had so much to offer
besides the holocaust memorial i went to the museum of technology,
several indie shops and flea markets too
i'll post more pictures and personal favorites in a day or two

have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


severien said...

gorgeous pictures!
i've been wanting to go to berlin for several years now, prague is also on the top on my list... and vienna!!
i love citytripping... :)

zsazsazsu said...

can't wait to see the rest ! Counting down to leave on 22nd of November !
Thx in advance for the tips.
The pics are beautiful !

fleurfatale said...

beautiful pictures!
I think you captured very good the feelings you describe above!

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