October 06, 2010

From Craft & Design Market

photo via designmyyjäiset

last sunday there was another craft & design market karuski participated in
it was at korjaamo in helsinki, a wonderful old, renovated tram hall
which now organizes cultural events and art exhibitions
over 4000 friends of indie design visited over this weekend
again, i'm showing you something new
lovely humbugi accessories whose table was right next to mine

Anni, designer of Humbugi

Humbugi's lace cuff made of recycled leather

sweet wallets and small purses

small reflective brooches with vintage lace bits

so now i am a happy owner of humbugi lace cuff too!
how about this week... must say it's busy with a wholesale order for a new shop opening soon in helsinki. laptop sleeves, dahlia brooches, earrings.

how was your weekend?


HW said...

oh, just posted about Nudge Helsinki... did not know that Karuski will be there as well. Wow! What a lovely, lovely shop that will be! All the cool stuff in the same place :)

I love your creations, so beautiful!

Heather said...

congrats on all the business, minna! i am still your biggest fan :)

Anonymous said...

wow, looks amazing a market! great designs from Humbugi. Congratulations for your wholesale order! All the best of success with it.

Catalina said...

Good luck with the wholesale orders, sound exciting!

Your craft markets always sounds like so much fun!

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