July 31, 2010

Back From The Vacation

Hi everyone,
The vacation was good and much needed, now I'm getting back to track little by little. We spent a week in Lapland trekking which was both challenging and rewarding. I feel relaxed now.

Today I started with new pieces, I did cut fabrics for small clutches and chose what to cut for bigger ones too. Most of these repurposed fabrics are finds from this summer. Do they remind you of autumn? Hopefully not too much yet but I must admit some of these will become part of my autumn collection.

I got very much inspired by Greet's creative space post. I really feel like grabbing my notebook, jotting down ideas and putting together moodboards. Feeling the fabrics today almost fulfilled this need. Just almost!

July 14, 2010

In a Heatwave

It's been extremely hot July all over Europe. What's your favorite activity this summer?

Here're some things I've enjoyed...
- spent time outdoors and enjoyed the warmth and sun in small doses
- made ice tea with brewed green tea, lemon and fresh mint
- cooked light meals including my favorite salads
- took care of plants and blooms in the garden
- checked a pond nearby for swimming
- continued my riding classes

We are preparing for a trekking trip in Lapland. It is the most northern part of Finland we'll be heading soon so it will be much cooler than here in south. Of course carrying one week food supplies and tools including a tent, sleeping bags and mattresses for two will put some weight on our backpacks. But still, I'm really excited!

I'm closing Karuski's Etsy shop (including the supply shoppe) on Thursday and will re-open it again once I'm back on track, somewhere late July. I hope you are enjoying your summer, on a vacation or working. See you soon!

July 02, 2010

Happy Weekend

What a sunny week it's been here in Finland!

I have wildflowers and a peony in a vase but of course the flowers always look most amazing outside. Garden is still blooming.

My parents are coming to town today and we will attend my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Luckily, I received a custom made dress in the last minute, here are just a few photos to get the idea how it looks. It would be worth showing the back of this dress too, the design of this piece is quite extraordinary. Perhaps I will get someone to have that photographed soon. Annyschoo made this dress for me.

The dress can be worn in several ways, here is one option

Bolero was a find from a sale, just for 10 euros

Mustard high heels I found from a sale as well

And a linen purse I made of my old print will go with this outfit

Karuski's Etsy shop is now half on vacation and just a few new purses will appear there in July. However, I decided to stay open to custom orders so if you want something customized, feel free to contact me. There are some holiday plans coming ahead but I will tell more about those soon.

Happy weekend to you!
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