July 31, 2010

Back From The Vacation

Hi everyone,
The vacation was good and much needed, now I'm getting back to track little by little. We spent a week in Lapland trekking which was both challenging and rewarding. I feel relaxed now.

Today I started with new pieces, I did cut fabrics for small clutches and chose what to cut for bigger ones too. Most of these repurposed fabrics are finds from this summer. Do they remind you of autumn? Hopefully not too much yet but I must admit some of these will become part of my autumn collection.

I got very much inspired by Greet's creative space post. I really feel like grabbing my notebook, jotting down ideas and putting together moodboards. Feeling the fabrics today almost fulfilled this need. Just almost!


Theres just life said...

I like you combinations of colors and fabrics. These will be great.

Sandra Rosa said...

I love the softness that you can put in your work, is beautiful!

baahar said...

Welcome back :)

The third and the last picture look very promising to me :)

severien said...

oh such lovely fabric/buttons combinations... can't wait to see what they will become, something gorgeous for sure!!

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