May 26, 2011

It's the Survey and Giveaway time!

Hello everyone,

I've been thinking to ask your opinions
about this blog of mine
what would you like to read & see
what do you find interesting
improvement is always good
and after all
I don't only want to talk to myself
but share things that others can enjoy too

So I created a survey
please take a minute to answer a few questions
I'm also throwing a giveaway!
One lucky winner will win
a pair of Karuski earrings of her choice
sweetly packaged, a perfect gift for yourself or a friend

Survey is open until 1 of June midnight (GMT +3, EST + 7)
Thank you in advance ♥ I'll share the results soon

Go to the survey

ps. I'll pick the giveaway winner from those of you who leave the email on the survey form so don't forget to fill that in. Thanks!



matchstickgirl said...

well personally I want to hear about you ! not about what other people might want to hear ...!

andrea creates said...

i did the survey~
have a lovely day :)

ELK said...

that was easy ~ love your space here ~

ana pina said...

I took the survey :)
Your blog is already so inspiring! I love to see studio and wip scenes and I'd also like to read some posts about the place you live in... but any of your suggestions is appealing :)

karuski said...

Thanks so much for your feedback already, nice to hear about your opinions and ideas!

Looking forward to sharing the results with you next week.


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