September 28, 2011

Greetings From Berlin #2

Hi there,

Is it the days that are getting shorter
because I really feel my pace is so slow now?!
I love autumn but not very much looking forward
to those days and months with minimal daylight

Anyhow, here are a few more picture from Berlin
where I got a chance to spend a week
while visiting Hello Etsy
I'm going to cherish that week as it was filled with
many happy moments, warm weather
all those amazing speakers and fellow crafters
Berlin was really great again!

a handbook to guide us through Hello Etsy

Thanks ThingLink for featuring Karuski on the handbook!

Here's just a part of visit cards I swapped during the weekend.
Lovely collection.

H with towers, such a silly picture

Two of us on this funny close up photo

Have you noticed that some of my pictures include tags with links?
I wanted to try the linking tools ThingLink provides
it's quite awesome you can add several links to one picture if you like
they even have the audio tool so you can include a little story
to go along the item or people in your photo

It can bring your pictures really alive! 
[this wasn't a paid ad LOL]



Happy in red said...

Oh how, wonderful. I love Berlin.

ingermaaike said...

The thinglink sounds like a wonderful tool!

Oh how fun Berlin must have been !

ira said...

Oh look you had very fun time there Minna:)

magalerie said...

Hello Minna,
It was great meeting you and all the great Etsy sellers à Hello Etsy.
I'm so glad I came.
Thank you so much for including my macaron card in your little collection. :)
Take care,

Conny's Cottage said...


I love Berlin.
It is a great city.


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