October 05, 2011

Good Read: Defining Happiness


It's been a little quiet here on Karuski's blog
there are many reasons for that but let's put it this way:
I've been on slower pace in many ways lately

I've been on the web though
reading blogs and news and
been in touch with my online friends

It's just that I haven't promoted my items
that much lately
I've been making things but not for my Etsy shop
Just wanted to let you know,
it's all good here!

I really like to recommend you this article
I read just today: Failure, Success, Profit & The Pursuit of Happiness
It's about defining your *own* happiness and success
It was very touching and written from the heart
and resonates so well with my own thoughts
I added OhMyHandmade to my blog roll instantly
this wasn't the only article I wanted to read there

Have a happy day, be well!



ingermaaike said...

A true word, success is what you define it as. Not others, they do not live your life :)

baahar said...

Thanks for sharing !

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