September 23, 2011

Greetings From Berlin


I just got back home from Berlin,
it was the Hello Etsy summit I visited
and as I was traveling with H
we wanted to stay for some extra days
so all in all it was a one week trip to us.

I can't believe how warm it still was in Berlin
we had dinners outside and walked without
jackets during the day
only Sunday happened to be a rainy day

It was awesome to meet lots of online Etsy friends
at the summit which took place 17. - 18.9.
There were lots of interesting sessions
one of my favorite speakers was Natalie Chanin
you should definitely check out her unique & ethnical clothing line.

Here are just a few of my lovely European Etsy friends I was lucky to meet!

Judit and Mitsy enjoying Marimekko fabrics

Mari having fun sewing

Rhiannon and Hello Etsy bear

Petronella with Mitsy on a break

I'm going to make another
Berlin related post in the coming days
so if interested in seeing and reading more
stay tuned!



ArtMind said...

Hey Minna! It was great to meet you in Berlin!
What lovely pictures you took! :)

PetitPlat Food Art - S. Kilgast said...

Ha! It's so fun to see everyone's report, because we all are very different on what we photographed :)

Star of the East said...

Like Stefanie said, it is fun to see all your posts and perspectives, thanks for sharing :)

kraplap said...

Such great pictures you made ! It's great to look back :)

baahar said...

Loved this post :) Thanks for sharing the photos and the link !

vadjutka said...

hahaha, love the photos!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you so much for sharing!
So happy (and jealous) you could be there and meet with others from our team!

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