April 10, 2011

Craft Market Preps/Displays

Hi there,

This week I've neglected my poor little blog a lot.
It's incredible how days seems to have too few hours.
I'm sure you've noticed the same, no?

Besides working on new jewelry and purses
for the upcoming design craft market
I've been thinking of how to display my pieces
I scored a sweet little scarf from a local flea
and wanted to give it a new life so
I came up with an idea to tweak my earrings display.

I've been using this old frame in the past but it screamed for an "update"

I placed the fabric on top of an recycled cork memory board
(which I first cut to fit the frame)
thumbtacks stick to the board and earrings have now sturdy hangers

This vintage cake stand is another flea market find and perfect for my button rings

I also needed some nice promo pictures
and figured I could use my chalkboard sign to display my newest earrings
The sign itself is a vintage tray which I had painted earlier

So this is what is going on here right now.
I hope you find some of these inspirational!

How was your weekend?



andrea creates said...

oh wow-these are really pretty displays! wishing you the best of sales luck :)

Heather said...

minna, i LOVE how you are displaying your items for your show!
would it be alright for me to post these with a link to your site on my craft fair blog under the inspiration page to give vendors ideas on how to display their items in a pretty way?
you amaze me.

Heather said...

Your displays are so lovely! Good luck- and have fun!

karuski said...

Thank you, everyone!

Heather, by all means - yes please :)


Catherine said...

These ideas are beautiful. Your post is very inspirational and I love the simple and beautiful way you display your jewellery. I hope your market went well. Thank you for stopping by my blog too.:)

SuppliesHandcrafted said...

Really incredible! Thanks for sharing!


Mari said...

Wow Minna
Gorgeous display!
I'm also getting ready for a show tomorrow...just don't know how I'll get everything in the car!
Good luck, Have fun and sell sell sell!

vadjutka said...

they look soo gorgeous!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you so much for sharing!
Great ideas!

Tuuni said...

Looks absolutely charming Minna!
I look forward to this weekend, nice to share a table with you at Korjaamo!

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