April 01, 2011

My Creative Space


It's been a crazy busy week here.
I've been working on Team EcoEtsy's
upcoming Handmade Earth Day Auction graphics
Their online event starts next Monday.
Also, my taxes are due next Monday. Hurray.
I did finish two wholesale orders
and mailed them out on Thursday *happy*

I promised to show you some pictures from my renovated studio.
Here they come!

new drawers and some storage boxes

Three drawers placed together store fabrics

This wallpaper was a score for 5 euros/roll

Big lamp above my sewing desk is new

Old wooden shelf got moved near the window

More creative space inspiration over Kootoyoo's blog...

If I don't find a moment to wish you
a happy weekend on Friday as usual
I'm doing it right now:
I hope you'll have a lovely weekend!



Heather said...

Oooh, your space looks beautiful! I'm gearinig up for a fresh coat of paint a some new (old) furniture for mine. This is great inspirational motivation!

m.e (Cathie) said...

absolutely beautiful creative space, so bright & inspiring.

happy Friday to you too ♥

la boom! said...

Such a beautiful space Minna ;)
I love the light! :)
also this tray with "karuski" on it is awesome!

Happy Friday!

andrea creates said...

love seeing these creative spaces!it inspires me to (finally) get to work on mine ;)
have a super weekend :)

ELK said...

and to you as well..happy weekend in this lovely space!!

SuppliesHandcrafted said...

Enjoy creating in your beautiful & fresh new workspace! It's lovely! Happy Weekend to you!


Sarah Knight said...

Looks lovely : )

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