April 13, 2011

It's About Buttons


Just two days ago I came up with a new design
It's so funny these new ideas pop in my head now
when I'm busy making for the weekend's craft market
But what can I say, I feel grateful
It's not easy to make something new and fresh
and these ideas don't come every day
at least not in my case.

They turned out long cases, perfect for pens, pencils and brushes

I covered button blanks with scraps of vintage fabrics

I love to treasure left over fabrics, even tiny pieces of them

I got a lovely donation of button blanks from Susanne.
Isn't she the sweetest ♥

Have you made something with buttons lately?



andrea creates said...

cute! you know i love buttons too ;)
it's funny- i covered one yesterday too to use on a new pouch, but mine didn't turn out so nicely so i didn't use it...yours look great-love the orange one especially!

Carmenesque said...

These are adorable! :-) I love colorful buttons.

zsazsazsu said...

very cute ! I am working on my vintage button ring collection with a crochet flower ...

Anonymous said...

Oh they turned out lovely! What great designs, I love how they bring out the delicate pattern in some of the fabrics you used! And thanks for the mention :)

baahar said...

You always find such beautiful fabrics :) I love the second pic !

mari-liis said...

I am a great admirer of your works. Love the way you combine different fabrics, colors, patterns.
I get a lot of inspiration from you! Thanks!

Nauli said...

Your clutches look awesome! Love the simple embellishment with the buttons.

prettylittlethieves said...

those turned out so cute! my pens and pencils would be happy in those!

Tuuni said...

So lovely!
Ihanaisia :) Minullakin on yksi uusi malli, jotenkin tässä kiireen keskellä tulee aina näitä inspiraatiopuuskia!

Lisa said...

I love you new little bag.. the contrasting colors are fabulous!!

I had to laugh when I read about your coming up with new ideas.. I find I have the best ideas just before I fall asleep.. then when I wake up.. I know I had a really creative thing but I can't remember! I need a little pad & paper by my bed!

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