March 04, 2011

Friday Love

Hi everyone!

I thought to share a few sweet finds from Karuski's Etsy favorites.
Just because it's Friday and these are on my own wish list.
Perhaps you like them too.

Any weekend plans?
I would like to get my new pouches photographed.
Other than that I hope to relax a bit.
Last weekend turned out pretty rough so
I hope not to stress that much now.
At least the sales taxes rumba is completed and over. *relief*

Wishing a beautiful weekend to you!



Amoronia said...

Lovely finds!
Actually, it's the weekend before 'Clean Monday' here, when Lent starts... I guess it's the Orthodox equivalent of Ash Wednesday in the Roman Catholic tradition. So I have plans for a wild Carnival and making vegan delicacies (we are fasting) for Monday's table.

ana carina said...

I'm planning on having LOADS of fun, because it's Carnaval!!!! yay!

Lovely finds, so sweet and romantic!
Have a nice weekend!

SuppliesHandcrafted said...

Lovely choices! Have a great weekend! Yes, last weekend of carnival & preparing for the Lenten Monday feast! I hope to create several new designs for my new line of beads...coming soon!

Pamela Angus said...

I plan to spend time relaxing with my husband before he leaves for the USA on Sunday :)
thank you Minna for including my glass in your pretty post!!!

andrea creates said...

Aw, thanks for sharing my wallet with these other pretty photos :)

Myself, I hope to get some work accomplished(organize inventory)etc.

Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend this weekend :)

karuski said...

Wow, sounds like many will be having carnival parties coming up. Fun! I wish we had that kind of tradition here, too...


Adictaaloscomplementos said...

ohh so beautiful finds!
thanks a lot for including my lollipop brooch in your pretty post! i'm so happy!
My weekend?carnival parties!!! :D

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