March 12, 2011

Weekend Wishlist


I'm feeling sad because of news about
earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.
It's a surreal feel to read & watch those news
houses collapsing, cars and people floating in the water.
I heard back from friends and they are luckily safe.
I'm can't help thinking,
this could have happened when I was staying in Tokyo.
These are such unexpected and unfortunate things
that you just cannot be prepared enough.

I am hoping people in Japan can soon go back to their normal lives.
Japan hasn't yet requested financial help from the world but
The Red Cross is encouraging people to donate because
The day can come that these funds will be needed.

If you are in Finland, here's how you can do it.
Information about the American Red Cross helping
victims of this earthquake is here.

a bouquet of tulips I bought yesterday

This little birdie bookmark is a souvenir from Modeerna Museet

It looks like the spring is on its way now

There are some craft related wishes in my mind.
Have a peaceful weekend, everyone.



Star of the East said...

I think we are all occupied in our minds with the people in Japan, it makes me so sad.
Love that bird bookmark!
Wishing you a lovely weekend too!

OnePerfectDay said...

It's really shocking and infinitely sad.
It's scary how life can change from one moment to the next without warning.

Anonymous said...

nice post!! I think it proves we should be gratefull for every day we have and feel lucky ....

ich liebe berlin said...

love the bookmark, so pretty!!

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