February 27, 2011

Sunday Love

Hello Sunday,

How has your weekend been?
On Friday I was hoping to have a relaxing weekend ahead but...
it turned out I needed to get finished with my sales taxes.
Still working on those.
Bah Pain.

One good news is we've been eating über-healthy.
Yesterday: wholegrain ecological rice and tomato based spicy sauce with soy
Today: vegetarian split pea soup,
I might try this soup recipe over 101cookbooks
Between meals I've tried knäckebröd with sliced avocado + lemon *yum*

Ula and me

new clutches half way ready

I just had to finish one new prototype today

Any thoughts about that new small pouch design?
Would love to hear your feedback!

Now, back to bookkeeping... wish me luck.



Anonymous said...

I compliment you onhealthy food and I do like the small puch design, very delicate and cute :)

andrea creates said...

i wish i ate a little more healthy-your menu sounds delicious :)

your clutches are lovely and i like the new size/shape too-great fabrics!

thanks for stopping by :)

Star of the East said...

Love the new pouch, very vintagy!
I used to have a bunny called Ula :)

karuski said...

Thanks guys, I try to keep the diet this way. Not that it's very unhealthy normally but I'm paying extra attention to it now.

Star, that's so funny!


Dina Fragola said...

Very pretty pouch!
And Ula is adorable!

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