February 09, 2011

For A Good Cause: EuropeForCharity

Dear friends,

Many of you are aware of EuropeForCharity, the Etsy shop which donates all its proceedings for good causes. This shop was opened when the world was hit by flood news in Pakistan last summer. It is managed by Baa and all items are donated by members of EuropeanStreetTeam. The shop was able to donate $750 in 2010 and the donations went for Architecture for Humanity and Kashf Foundation which both make very hard rebuilding work in Pakistan.

A new organization has been added to the list: BlinkNow which works on grass root level in Nepal, helping local orphans to have a better future. Have a look at their site, it is an amazing story of what one young lady can do to change things for better.

Here are just a few picks from EuropeForCharity's shop.
I hope they bring sunshine to your day!

flower magnet set for $8

Spread the word of this shop, share some love.
I wish you the most beautiful day!



Emily-Claire Ballou said...

Those crocheted flowers are so delicate and beautiful!

Amoronia said...

I love your purse at EuropeForCharity!

ArtMind said...

I love the project in Nepal, Minna! I hope we can raise a lot of money for that! I'm going to blog about the shop soon too!

vadjutka said...

The new project is very good, I like it!

baahar said...

What a wonderful feature. All of the items look beautiful. We have some very talented and kind hearted members for sure :)

L Garcia Muro said...

nice blog...



DemyBlackDesign said...

I like the new project! It's always important to help if you can!

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