February 22, 2011

New Work: Earrings

Hi there,

What a nice weekend we had visiting a good friend who threw a house warming party on Saturday night. But, Henri got sick and had fever on Sunday and Monday too.

Today I felt strange after getting home from my riding class. Now it feels like I'm not going to get out of bed tomorrow. I couldn't take a few days off from working now. Need to finish doing taxes and such. But I don't want to work when feeling icky and feverish, either. *sigh*

Here are just a few new earrings I photographed this afternoon. Red roses are in Karuski's shoppe, other new ones need to wait until I get back to normal.

dangling vintage blooms

woodland love hoops

Good night... hopefully I will talk to you tomorrow.


1 comment:

zsazsazsu said...

Very pretty and delicate !

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