April 27, 2010

From My Craft Show

Last night I looked through photos I got from the craft show. Here are a few from Kierrätystehdas I took on Saturday morning right before the opening. We had one big table, a rack for Eva's clothing and an extra mini table to put on my side of the booth (constructed of my two storing boxes and covered with a table clotch). Everything seemed to work fine and our lines completed each other nicely. I hope you can get some inspiration and ideas for yours if you will attending a craft show of any kind in a future.

Eva behind our table

Karuski clutches and jewelry

Karuski's vintage stud earrings on butterfly tags

Greeting card sets on a book holder

Fruntimmer clothing

Fruntimmer shoe clips and hair adornments in their gift boxes

You can see more pictures from the event here. According to the event's organizer there were at least 7500 visitors during the weekend. It makes me happy to know so many people are interested in recycling, eco-friendly ideas and products. I can't wait to participate next year again!


fleurfatale said...

oh, what a beautiful booth you both had, and indeed so nice to hear that so much people show their interest in handmade and ecofriendly goods! Yay for a better world!

amarshall said...

Wishing I could jump into the photos and come shopping! Beautiful booth, the kind that draws me in and makes money jump right out of my pocket!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

NorraSud by ROROISM said...

thanks for sharing
beautiful and exciting
hope it went well

please see my event too:-)
off to see mor eyour pics:-)

Annemiek - TwoTreesBelgium said...

Your booth looks just wonderful, well done!

Missy said...

Ooh, lovely. It is beautiful. I hope it went well.

Heather said...

absolutely beautiful!
thank you so much for sharing these photos...a lot of inspiration for me here and insights i wouldn't even know to ask about. i love your butterfly cards you made for your earrings!

ArtMind said...

Beautiful stand, Minna! Obviously you put your heart and soul in it!
Well done & I hope it paid off too! :)

vadjutka said...

your table looks very pretty - I could have spent there hours :-)

I saw the photos on flickr, and there was a huuuge crowd!!

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