April 20, 2010

Craft Fair Preps II

Craft fair preparations are still going on here!
It is a little bit of a challenge as Friday evening will be much different than the rest of the weekend. On Friday afternoon I'll be putting the booth together for Saturday & Sunday fair. After that I'll hurry to another venue to attend a three hours designmarket. I don't need to bring all that much there but it requires some proper organizing (not my strongest point, mind you).

So on Friday evening I'll be by myself while on Saturday & Sunday I'll share a bigger booth with Eva of Fruntimmer. We've been changing thoughts and planned our booth setup by emailing a lot lately. Below are a few more solutions for the weekend.

Earrings on a vintage photoframe

Necklaces and bracelets displayed similarly.
We plan to add quite a few of these on the booth's background wall.

A chalkboard sign for the background wall as well.
I fixed this one from an old Ikea mirror.

It is quite large: chalkboard part measures 220 x 20 cm.
Maybe white text would look better on black?

Still some things to do so I'm back work now. I'll talk to you soon again!


Pamela Angus said...

using the frames is a great idea Minna - good luck with the shows :)

anapina said...

Oh, I love the jewelry display, those necklaces/bracelets look beautiful on the photoframe!
And I think the chalk color looks great - you can read it perfectly and it gives a vintage touch according to the rest of the booth decoration. But that's my opinion :)

Good luck!

ira said...

It look like very pretty Minna and good luck with the fair!:)

Star of the East said...

Looking great, good luck with the fair!

LeelaBijou said...

It´s looking amazing!very pretty :)

Arctida said...

Looking good, Minna! :) Good luck with your show!

Lila Ruby King said...

everything looks really gorgeous and classy! I love the chalkboard idea.
I hope you both do really well at the fairs!

janet said...

Great displays...you will be a wonderful success! Remember to have fun...;-)

Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩

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