April 10, 2010

Karuski's Supply Shop

Friends, I have some news!
This week I did set up a new shop on Etsy, it is for detashing some of my supplies which I have more than I can possibly use in a near future. Some of them are totally new which I have purchased in wholesale amounts, some are vintage finds and some are something in between. Purse frames, zippers, belt buckles, ribbon, lace, buttons and much more. I plan to add some of my fabrics there too. By the way, if you have any suggestion in what sizes and amounts you would like to shop fabrics I would be more than happy to hear!

I will be adding things little by little, there's a lot of photographing that needs to be finished first. Anyways, I hope you will stop by at karuski supplies whenever you feel like exploring some supplies for your sewing and craft projects. And as always, I'm glad to hear your feedback whether it involves the design, shop policies, shipping options or assortment in the shop (or anything else) that could make your shopping experience better.

Have a great weekend everyone!


ArtMind said...

First I need to shop for a sewing machine and then I can shop for fabrics, although there have been sneaking some fabrics in the house already! ;) Good luck with your new shop, Minna!

vadjutka said...

Congrats for your new shop!

I would be happy if you sold scrap packs as well :-)

Go Minna go!

Michelle said...

Your Shop looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Love the Banner and
I really wish you Fun and lots of success with it!

karuski said...

Thanks for the feedback.
I'll definitely consider offering some fabric scrap packs too. Thanks for the tip Judit!


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