March 28, 2010

Sunday & Birthday Celebration

Today we spent a day at H's sister's home. She had organized a birthday party for their Mom who turns 70 right next week. The closest ones (children and their spouses/girl and boy friends + grand children) were there. We had a lunch, coffee and cakes and as many of their family members are musical talents we heard some singing performances. Kids also jammed with quitars and bass, it was fun!

Here are our little surprise gifts we brought along. It was Palm Sunday today.

A basket was full of cookies we baked last night.

I embellished a chocolate Easter egg for a girl who loves cats.

H draw a skull and a dino for little guys. They were a success!

It was a nice afternoon with good homemade food and warm atmosphere. Next weekend is the Easter here. Looking forward to taking a couple of days off and relax a bit. Maybe we'll bake more of those cookies for ourselves, they turned out fine. As they are filled with an orange flavored cream cheese they fit the Easter season just perfectly. I'm calling them Easter cookies now.

I hope you had a great weekend too!


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Your gifts look so crisp and wonderful--full of love!

Epp said...

Lovely surprises for the party! It's all about the little details! :)

WIshing you a wonderful new week! :)

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