October 17, 2009

Weekend Wishlist

This weekend I wish to:
- bake an apple pie
- have a glass of bubbles
- get a few autumnal purses done
- take some photography out in the nature
- have a moment to think about upcoming holiday season
- edit pictures and make new Etsy listing (you can see examples of my new jewelry below)

Do you have something particular on your wishlist this weekend?!


Star of the East said...

I like the first wish :)
No special things here, same old same old as every week :)

michele said...

They are such wonderful Pieces!!

ingermaaike said...

I wish to be done with cleaning and clearing (which is why I am here and not at work..)

I wish for sun tomorrow too
And I wish for my bag design to finally crystallise in my head so I can get started on it :-D

LeelaBijou said...

I have to take a lot of pictures this weekend and finish some custom orders.

I love your new pieces! :)

Green Martha said...

I have posted mine on my blog, thank you for the inspiration !

fleurfatale said...

Lovely idea , that wish list!
I wish hubby is soon home tommorow,
and that the kids will sleep long on sunday morning!
and that I can end my expostion weekend with lots of sales!
and of course another week with sun!

jealousydesign said...

I dont have a wish list this weekend. I need to just relax and hope the pain in my back goes away so I can start working again.
It is a wonderful day here in Sweden today so it will be a walk in the forest and see if I can find some nice new stones :)

Anonymous said...

Very lovely pieces, Minna.
Mine are to enjoy peace and quietness, wishing for good health to everyone, hoping to complete my household chores, and getting some activities planned for my girl's vacation on the coming week.

Nicole said...

This weekend I wish to get all my creative goals in order, priortised, and move forward towards a new life after Christmas.

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