February 26, 2010

Weekend Wishlist

Welcome Friday!
Yesterday we had the Etsy meet-up in Helsinki, what a fun time we had together! I took some pictures there and even though they didn't turn out super great I'm going to post a few here this weekend. Come back by Sunday, ok!

We are truly in winter atmosphere here again. Snowing, snowing and H just climbed to the roof to shovel. There's about 40-80 cm deep snow up there, not good for the roof so better get it down before it starts to melt away.

My weekend wishlist looks like this:

- watching Olympics (Finland-USA hockey game tonight)
- sewing (need to finish a custom order of bridal clutches)
- shopping for a new printer (our printer refuses to print color any longer)
- making more visit cards and tags (see samples below I stamped just today)

How about your weekend, do you have any plans?


NorraSud by ROROISM said...

love your stamps!

i have to learn doing preparation works - like decorating envelopes, cutting cardboards, petals..
i'm still way to spontaneous;-S

Katheyl said...

Looks like there's some serious snowing over at your side!

Enjoy your weekend!

Missy said...

We are visiting houses that were made using a certain house kit company that we are considering using this spring/summer.

Arzu Musa said...

I like your stamps... I am going to be studio at the weekend... I need to create some new stuffs...

Paperfection said...

Looking forward to more on that Etsy meeting. Lovely cards you made!

Vilt à la Kim said...

Looks like a fun weekend to me. Love your self made cards!!
I am not playing along in the weekend wish list today... I have a merry-go-tound post...

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