February 24, 2010

Poll Results & Giveaway Winner

It's about the time to announce the winner for my giveaway, yay!
The winning number out of 33 comments is... tadadaa... #21 which belongs to Fleurfatale. Congratulations! She will get to choose a pair of earrings of her choice from my Etsy.

In a poll you liked my double dahlia embellishment the best (63,9%), the second was a white dahlia with brown lace (31,1%) and the third place was left for the big white bow (4,9%). Altogether 61 votes were casted. All your comments are valuable to me, thanks for them. Chances are, big clutches with double adornments will appear in my shop pretty soon. Maybe a few will get a dahlia with a piece of lace too. Thanks again!

ps. If you really wished to win but didn't I would love to offer you -20% off on any earrings in my shoppe. Just contact me by Sunday Feb 28th.

edit: Just a little accident happened! Last five comments didn't appear in the comments section but for unknown reason they were awaiting for being moderated (the moderating hasn't been turned on so I wasn't aware of this until now). I'm so sorry you guys were not included in the drawing. To make this up I'll send a little surprise to you paperfection, babongo, roroism, annemiek & cupofsnowflakes_graphics. Will contact you personally on Thursday!


fleurfatale said...

ooooh, I am the lucky winner!!!!
This really makes my day Minna!
It will be dfficult to choose among all those beauties!

Martice said...

oooh :) you will get great earrings fleur!

Ravenhill said...

congratulations to Fleur!!! She is so lucky! I love all three purses you have made, they are all beautiful in their own way. I love it that you have so many wonderful ideas and make them so pretty! I hope you are keeping warm! We just got home from Belgium where it was ABOVE ZERO! Actually it was 10+ and came home to -15! Brrrr.

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