February 12, 2010

Weekend Wishlist

It's Friday again, how come!
How was your week? Mine was rather excited, partly because of Etsy's Voter I was honoured being included (my clutch purse got 14th place in the end, thanks everyone who voted for me). Also, I started listing new linen pouches into my shop, the feedback on my new photos was positive which makes me happy, of course. I wanted to experiment a bit with the pictures. I hope it pays off at some point.

Sad news was that a batch of stud earrings I sent to one of my resellers resulted in several broken pairs. I still need to find a way how to pack them so carefully so that all of them will survive the shipping. None of my customers never complained about broken earrings so I'm pretty sure they make it ok when there's just a pair or two in a box (I wrap tissue paper around them and place in a rigid gift box). But when there're 10 pairs or more it makes things challenging. Maybe I need to start packing them individually, that could help. Any advice is welcome!

How about the weekend...

- I might cook something delicious, it's the 9th anniversary with H (if I counted right)!
- Some outdoor activity would be nice if the weather allows
- Custom work is on my to do list. I try to find suitable materials by visiting a couple of flea markets and fabric shops in town this weekend

Feel free to share your plans and drop a link to your post. I love reading them. Happy weekend!


Colours and Textures said...

I love collecting different fabrics. Have fun!

LeelaBijou said...

So sorry to hear about your earrings, dear Minna. I would try packing them individually with a lot of bubble wrap, maybe that could avoid the damage.

Have a wonderful weekend!! :)

artistudios said...

Dear Mina, maybe wrapping them individually in cotton wadding would help.

Enjoy the weekend!

Katheyl said...

What coincidence, Minna. I have also just received feedback from my customer that the earrings I've sent her were slightly damaged. She's cool about it and that makes me feel even worse :(

I've packaged them in bubble wrap but I think I just need to roll in some more and perhaps add in a padded envelope.

So I think more bubble wrap should do the job :)

Vilt à la Kim said...

Oh it is always a pity when something breaks during shipping.
Maybee you can secure the studs in a piece of cardboard so they cannot hit eachother and then wrap them up?

Have a lovely weekend!!

karuski said...

Thanks for all comments so far!

Sorry I wasn't very precise in my post. I do attach the studs on a cardboard and make sure they can't move around much in a box. Problem occured when I had to include several pairs next to each other in one box for shipment. I might need to consider including a box for each pair.


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