February 20, 2010

Weekend Wishlist

Brr, it's freezing over here again: almost -20 celsius. I'm sitting near the fire place while writing this post, it makes this cold day bearable!

Some of you might have visited my blog yesterday, sorry I didn't post the weekend wishlist until today. As I plan to take it easy this weekend I'm keeping it short and sweet again:

- sushi dinner is my wish number 1 (ingredients already purchased yesterday)
- sewing (custom clutches for a small local webshop opening soon)
- reading (shall continue what I have already started but I'm a slow reader)

I wont add the link widget but feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. I'll come to visit your blog, whether or not you have a weekend wishlist of your own. Enjoy your weekend!

ps. If you haven't yet, would you please take a minute to give your opinion about my new work here? Thanks!


Heather said...

BRRRR! Freezing here too!
Stay by that fire, friend :)

I bijoux dello Stregatto said...

Enjoy your weekend! You have nice plans!

Nauli said...

Unbelievable cold! Think I would suffer hunger instead of going out... and I would prefer something warm instead of Sushi, although I really love Sushi!

Beach Cottage Studio said...

We went from 6" of snow last Friday to 60 degrees in 24 hours! The kids loved building snowmen one day and being at the beach playing in the sand the next. Really wild weather for the deep South :-)

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