February 05, 2010

Weekend Wishlist

Today I woke up really tired. I don't have any spesific reason for that, maybe it just means I'm ready welcome the weekend. I try not to plan too much but a couple of things popped into my mind just now. I would like to:

- browse this inspiring site with lots of delicious recipes (mainly vegetarian dishes, natural, whole food with beautiful pictures)
- concentrate on reading a book (I had this on my wish list a week ago, got started with it)
- get the pictures taken of my newest work

That's about it. Too much planning can cause stress so I'm keeping it short. How about your plans? Please share the link to your post and I'll come for a visit. Anyone can join. Happy weekend!

edit: I just discovered my 'country love' linen clutch got into Etsy's Voter and Etsy Finds newsletter today. If you like my work, please cast your vote for me here. Thanks for your support!


matchstickgirl said...

i think that weekend sounds perfect !!!

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

it sounds perfect to me too !!!

Kosmika said...

Perfect, I agree :)
As i do like your work, guess for whom i will cast my vote.... ehm :)
have a nice week!

karuski said...

The weekend went well, as always some things got done and others were not completed but, oh well!

As the voting goes on until 11th, I'll be ever so grateful for each vote I receive from you... thank you kindly.


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