February 10, 2010

Soap Inspiration

This is something I have wanted to try forever, to make homemade soap. I got a book about handmade soaps a year ago, but didn' t get started until now. I guess the reason to procrastinate this project was that to make cold process soap you need to buy sodium hydroxide aka lye. Even though I have handled lye in my textile design studies I still felt a bit unsecure about it, after all it's a chemical you need to handle with care.

This book "Käsin tehtyä saippuaa" by Saara Kuha is in Finnish and I'm not sure how many of my blog readers read Finnish but if you do, I warmly recommed this one. Of course Internet is full of great sites for help in any language. I used this very basic recipe from Saara's book:

coconut oil 150 g
olive oil 350 g
cold water 150 g
natrium hydroxide (NaOH) 71 g

I added dried mint grown in our garden for a faint scent and interest in soap's look

Now after 2 1/2 weeks I made this batch the soap I have already tried it and it works fine. They recommed to leave the soap to mature at least for 4 weeks so I'm still keeping them in cool, dark and airy place. I can't wait to make lovely packages to give these pieces as presents for friends and family then. There are so many lovely shops on Etsy and elsewhere selling handmade soap so you can easily find beautiful eco-friendly soaps I'm sure. But if you like trying out new things, making a batch of homemade soap can be one project amongst others. Just make sure you read and follow the instructions with care. Have fun!


Thongbai Tatong said...

You are so talented and creative! Yummy soap!! Love to see more of your new projects1

gr8jewellery said...

Congrats on your new experiment .... it looks very successful! :)

I love trying out new things too, I think I've just added another must-try-someday! lol

good morning - midnight said...

this looks wonderful... does it need to rest now? my recipes always needed to rest for 2 month or something like that. i couldn't stand the time of waiting :) i love your pictures. greets from vienna again, m

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