July 08, 2009

Site Refreshment

I just realized I really needed to update my site. It's been a bit neglected as a lot of my time and energy seems to go to my Etsy shop and blog and socializing on web in general.

There will be a young designer craft event in Helsinki in the beginning of August where I got accepted. That's a good reason to refresh the site, I think. So this is why I stayed up long last night, editing pictures and html. Next big update must follow after the summer. It will be soon but first I want a little summer break!

And I should order now new visit cards and tags with same visuals I just loaded on karuski.com. How about the shop and blog banner, would they need a little updating too? All feedback is greatly appreciated!

I acted a bit too fast. The pictures needed some color adjustment to look more "karuski". I'm happy with them now!


LeelaBijou said...

Your site looks so pretty and elegant with those graphics, great work! :)

ingermaaike said...

It looks absolutely fantastic!

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