July 04, 2009

Pretty Days

This week was so hot up here, actually it started last week already. It's so strange but it somehow prevented me from working properly. But again I couldn't spend much time outside either. Instead we had to turn on the air-conditioning, which is something I'm not so proud of (thinking green...) but this house would turn into a steam pot without doing so. H was suffering from a summer flu and I kept company to him from time to time, thankfully he's feeling normal again since yesterday. After mailing out a local whole sale order I started cutting fabrics for new clutches, took more care of daily routines in the house and gave extra thoughts for summer plans. We're thinking of making a small wheel trip in July. Where? Maybe in Estonia, not decided for sure yet. I have learned not to plan my life too much, it is more enjoyable this way.

I will leave you guys with this picture of a homemade rhubarb pie with strawberries and refreshing mojito we enjoyed on Wednesday after a BBQ at home. Enjoy this weekend!


Beach Cottage Studio said...

I hope that you have a wonderful and creative weekend! Your new patterns look lovely! (And the dessert too!) ~Kristine

glasfaden said...

Hot weather is really not helping for creativity. I work even slower than I already do *lol*
I'm repeating myself: I love your photos! My boy saw the strawberry pie - he said: mmmmmhhhh (and so do I:))!!

ayca said...

wow so lovely:)
I believe the enjoyable way of life too:),plans sometimes never works:)
lovely pie:)

fleurfatale said...

ooh maybe a recipe of the rhubarb pie would be a good idea :-)
Your cutted fabric looks so m-promising I am curious about the result!
Andndeed enjoying every day that comes is the best way to live!

LeelaBijou said...

Have a wonderful weekend too!! :)

karuski said...

Clutches are still waiting to be finished because I received a custom order all of a sudden.

Greet, I'd love to translate the rhubarb pie recipe... If I only had time to do that. One day!


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