July 19, 2009

Beach Walk

I haven't been to the beach lately. In fact I don't stand heat very well. But I like beaches!

On Saturday evening we decided to make a little trip to a beach by the sea. This place was about 30 km from our house towards Hanko direction (which is the most Southern inland town in this country). The beach was easy to find and luckily it was very calm and quiet too. Few people were camping near the beach and swan couples were floating on the waterfront. We had a walk, took pictures (H had a big sized camera he had made himself a year ago, I carried my pocket Leica instead), enjoyed a cup of coffee we had in thermos and pieces of rhubarb-strawberry pie I had made earlier this week. We were thinking to return to this beach in the early morning time. It might make a nice place for camping too. At least it would be easier to get up in early hours that way!

After a hot weekend there is some rain coming now. Maybe when the weather turns more stable again we could make another little trip. Here are some pictures from my camera:

H adobted those cheap sun glasses I found lying in the sand.

Someone had enjoyed a feast.

I wonder how long these pines will stay rooted?

A small and fragile sea shell looked lonely.

Sand castles build by other visitors

Someone had left the candy wraps. We took them to a garbage bin.

We left the beach around 10 pm. And it was still so light!

What was the highlight of your weekend?


ingermaaike said...

A great beach walk!

I love deserted beaches and all the things you find, echoes of happy memories..

viltk said...

wouw,Great spot!!
It is alwasy nice to be in a surroudning what is diferent from where you live......

vadjutka said...

wow, amazing pictures!
I'd love to see that tree in person!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!

Star of the East said...

Amazing pictures again!
I have been snorkeling for hours on sunday and walked for miles on the beach to find urchins :)

karuski said...

Thanks everyone!
Vadjutka, yes those trees look quite amazing, there were many of them on the beach bank.

Oh Star, I wish we had clear and warm waters like you have in Turkey! I think I'd go for a swim more often then:)


LeelaBijou said...

How lovely pictures!! :)

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