July 13, 2009

Flea Market Finds

This weekend went fast but it was quite fun too. On Saturday I made a bicycle tour in our surroundings with H. We saw there was an antique fair with lots of people in the area but we preferred to explore flea markets instead. And as usual I did make nice finds too!

I carried home:
a jewelry box
vintage buttons
tin cups and a little tray
wooden cottage style clothes pegs
wooden circles with metal clips (originally used to hang curtains)

I had been searching for a jewelry box for some time so I was glad seeing this wooden box at one table. It will be useful at craft fairs to hold and show some small pieces like stud earrings. Vintage buttons are always my weak point and too cute to resist. They were an affortable find as well. Wooden clothes pegs were found from a garden shoppe, they are new I have to admit. But also something I've been looking for long. Those and three little tin cups with a tray might also come handy at craft fairs. No doubt I would find use for them at home too. Those wooden circles (not sure how to call them properly) might make nice jewelry supplies, me thinks...

And on Sunday I finished few clutches. A lot of pictures still need editing but I managed to list strawberry fields in my shoppe. It is my challenge entry for theme "dots", hosted by Star of the East.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


Stéphanie Kilgast said...

I really love the jewelry box! But all the findings are great :) I should go to flea markets more often!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I LOVE that wood box! Great finds!

vadjutka said...

gorgeous finds...I wanna go w you next time! :-)

Star of the East said...

Great finds, I so much miss flea markets in our little town!

Heather said...

oh dear!
what wonderful finds!
and you do such a lovely
job photographing them...
making them even more enviable :)

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