July 15, 2009

Flickr Favorites

1. Japanese Hand Fan The two pretty flowers, 2. Mauve shimmer bag, 3. purple trio linen necklace, 4. P1030137

Here comes my all times favorite theme: Japanese inspired!

I think I'm not at my best this week, I should be already thinking of my upcoming craft fair. In fact I have done my thinking but can't get my gear into making yet. It's because I would like to have a little vacation first. At my weak moments I wish I could go back to a regular day job. Then I would have a 4 week summer vacation like normal people do (but only if I managed to get a stable contract). After 4 weeks doing anything productive I could return to office and start counting for the next vacation. No, seriously I couldn't handle that any longer. But still, a human being needs to have some time off everything once in a while. Next week, I promise myself!

Other thing, I became a "sponsor" by purchasing a little banner on Design Is Mine. You might be wondering why did I do this if I need a holiday, btw. Oh well, I got a good deal and couldn't resist this chance. Can only blame myself if some sales will follow. Vicious circle!

More inspiration can be found on Mitsy's blog!


vadjutka said...

mmmm, very delicate Minna!

ArtMind said...

Lovely mosaic! I know all about needing a holiday! I'm glad I'm quitting the job I'm doing now so that I can have some me-time! ;)
I love Fleur's necklace - it's so delicate! :)

Dina Fragola said...

Lovely colors and theme!

LeelaBijou said...

The mosaic is beautiful!!!

I think I need some holidays too...kind of stressed these few past days.

((hugs to you)) ^_^

Star of the East said...

Gorgeous mosaic!
Good luck with getting your gear together :)

karuski said...

Thanks everyone!
It's getting better... I'm half on vacation now!!


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